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Trump’s Request to Congress Has Very Little to Do with Effective Border Security

It Has More to Do With Unprecedented Increases in Detention and Deportation of Children Seeking Safety The Trump border wall policy was never a serious one and still isn’t.  It was started as a “mnemonic device” created by political consultants for candidate Trump to talk tough on immigration.  With the government shutdown in its third week, … Continue reading »

Trump Administration Took Money From FEMA to Pay for More Immigration Detention, But ALSO From Nuclear Detection, Biological and Chemical Attack Preparedness, Aviation Security, & Other National Security Priorities

A document sent to Congress from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) shows that in an effort to fund even more immigration detention beds and deportations, DHS took $200 million away from key national security programs, among others.  They also took $7.2 million away from E-verify. The following are some key national security programs that … Continue reading »

Why the Trump Administration’s Proposed Flores Regulation is Unacceptable and Demands a Vociferous Challenge

In spite of mounting cases of harm and abuse of children in immigration detention, the Trump administration formally proposed a regulation last week to indefinitely detain children under weaker standards and conditions than currently exist.  The regulation, if finalized, would replace the Flores Settlement Agreement (FSA) which protects children from prolonged detention and inhumane detention … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Dennis Rivera Details ICE Detention in Houston Chronicle

Young immigrant from Houston was detained after local sheriffs turned him over to ICE Read piece here Austin, TX –  In an opinion piece published in the Houston Chronicle over the weekend, young immigrant Dennis Rivera detailed his two-month Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention after his high school’s police force turned him over to … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Texas Tribune Uncovers Rotten Meat, Chicken Pox Outbreaks For Hundreds of Asylum Seekers

Austin, TX – Court filings published today by the Texas Tribune show hundreds of cases of inedible food, cold facilities, and outbreak of diseases in both Customs and Border Patrol holding facilities and Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention centers. The piece by Emma Platoff highlights the stories of several asylum-seekers who were separated from family … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Austin American-Statesman Op-ed “Our Immigration System is a Civil System, But it Doesn’t Operate that Way”

Former UT Law School professor Barbara Hines breaks down why family separation is a continuation of inhumane immigration policies Read piece here In an opinion piece published yesterday in the Austin American-Statesman, Barbara Hines, a nationally-recognized leader on immigration and asylum and a retired clinical professor of law at the University of Texas School of … Continue reading »

More Damning Details of How Trump Administration is Treating Immigrant Children

The Trump Administration’s cruel and incompetent family separation policy and related crackdown continues to exact a toll on children and families, as a series of first-person accounts and assessments highlight. Meanwhile, several medical experts are speaking out against the administration’s proposed “alternative,” stressing the long-term trauma that would result from the indefinite incarceration of children … Continue reading »

Judge’s Order to End Trump Family Separation Policy Should Close Door on Year-long Effort to Criminalize, Detain and Separate Immigrant Families and Asylum Seekers

And Should Open the Door to Workable Alternatives On Tuesday, a federal judge issued a decision in Ms. L. v. ICE. In it, Judge Dana Sabraw, a George W. Bush appointee, ends the Trumps-Sessions-Nielsen family separation policy and strongly criticizes the administration for violating the constitutional rights to family association and integrity.   The family … Continue reading »

Supreme Court Upholds Practice of Locking Up Immigrants Indefinitely, Huge Win for Private Prisons

In a profound loss for immigrants living in immigration detention — sometimes indefinitely — the U.S. Supreme Court ruled last week they do not have a legal right to periodic hearings to determine if they should be released on bond. Many detainees are lawful permanent residents, asylum seekers, and/or survivors of torture who are held … Continue reading »

Inhumane Human Rights Violations Found at U.S. Immigration Detention Centers

Gross human rights violations at four U.S. immigration detention centers were identified by Acting Inspector General John V. Kelly* for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in a Dec. 11 report entitled Concerns about ICE Detainee Treatment and Care at Detention Facilities. The Office of Inspector General (OIG) for DHS raised concerns about the treatment … Continue reading »