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As Republicans Gather In Agriculture-Rich California, A Lesson From The Devastating Effects Of Alabama’s Anti-Immigrant HB 56

As Republican candidates descend on agriculture and immigrant-rich California for their second debate, you don’t have to wonder what kind of effects Donald Trump’s radical immigration “plan” would have on the state and elsewhere — all you have to do is look at Alabama. The draconian, Trump-style HB 56 — implemented in 2011 by state … Continue reading »

Ahead of Tonight’s Debate: Trump’s Un-American Ideas, Sharp Contrasts with Ronald Reagan, and the Threat of Long-Term Damage to the GOP

Ahead of tonight’s Republican presidential debate, a range of observers are echoing some of our key assessments about the role of immigration in the 2016 contest: the dangerous and radical notions advanced by Donald Trump; the contrasts between the current field and Ronald Reagan on immigration; and the long-term political blowback that the GOP will … Continue reading »

When GOP Hopefuls Descend On CA, Will They Pay Attention To Lessons Embodied By The State?

Ahead of Reagan Library Debate, Immigration and Labor Leaders Join Political Scientist to Discuss How CA Serves a Cautionary Tale for the National GOP Click here to listen to today’s recording. Tonight’s debate in California offers a reminder – a cautionary tale – for Republicans.  In 1994, California’s Governor Pete Wilson (R) pushed through the infamous … Continue reading »

As GOP Candidates Set To Debate At Reagan’s Library, Two New Ads Hit Party Hard On Deportation

As all GOP Presidential candidates are set to be in California in a matter of days for the second Republican debate, two new ads are hitting the party for its hardliner stance on deportation — and the toxic rhetoric of Donald Trump and others. One ad, from the National Immigration Forum Action Fund, “juxtaposes the words of three Republican … Continue reading »

Republican Blues In California And With Latinos Won’t Be Solved By Changes In Tone Or Empty Invocations Of Reagan

Ahead of a busy political week, here are a few of the key developments and takeaways surrounding the politics of immigration, an issue that continues to play a dominant role in the Republican presidential campaign. Sorry Reince, Policy Matters:  On Sunday, Jake Tapper of CNN asked RNC Chairman Reince Priebusif the GOP should be worried about … Continue reading »

Congressional Republicans Could Learn A Thing Or Two From The Pro-Immigrant Moves Of California

Congressional Republicans may be resisting comprehensive immigration reform in favor of Trump-style, enforcement-only measures, but that hasn’t stopped California from picking up the baton Washington simply doesn’t have the courage to touch. A must-read editorial from the Sacramento Bee highlights the groundbreaking work California legislators have both introduced and passed — from tuition, to driver’s … Continue reading »

In California And Nebraska, Driver’s License Victories Are Changing Lives Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Undocumented Immigrants

One small piece of plastic is drastically improving the lives of undocumented immigrants who call California and Nebraska home. In California — home to nearly three million undocumented immigrants, or about 25% of the nation’s undocumented population — 443,000 undocumented immigrants have received driver’s licenses under new state law, and thousands more have applied. State officials … Continue reading »

Los Angeles County Nixes Controversial Immigration Program

One vote was the deciding factor that put an end to the controversial 287g program in Los Angeles County, California. The program, which was adopted in 2005, allowed Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to enter county jails in order to determine whether certain inmates could be transferred into federal custody to face deportation. Furthermore, … Continue reading »

46,200 Immigrants Apply for California Driver's License in First Few Days

In Washington, DC, the hot topic on immigration involves the newly sworn-in Republican Congress and whether they will really continue to alienate Latino voters by pushing for more ways to kill executive action. But in California, it’s a completely different story, as tens and thousands of immigrants have begun applying and testing for driver’s licenses, … Continue reading »

Carly Fiorina's Rhetoric on Immigration Does Not Reflect What a California Republican Should Know About Latino Vote

Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard who lost her Senate challenge to Barbara Boxer in 2010, looks like she’s running for president.  In a field that is sure to become crowded with GOP senatorial and gubernatorial heavyweights, some are already writing her off as an underdog.  Our interest in Fiorina stems from the fact … Continue reading »