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Los Angeles County Nixes Controversial Immigration Program

One vote was the deciding factor that put an end to the controversial 287g program in Los Angeles County, California. The program, which was adopted in 2005, allowed Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to enter county jails in order to determine whether certain inmates could be transferred into federal custody to face deportation. Furthermore, … Continue reading »

46,200 Immigrants Apply for California Driver's License in First Few Days

In Washington, DC, the hot topic on immigration involves the newly sworn-in Republican Congress and whether they will really continue to alienate Latino voters by pushing for more ways to kill executive action. But in California, it’s a completely different story, as tens and thousands of immigrants have begun applying and testing for driver’s licenses, … Continue reading »

Carly Fiorina's Rhetoric on Immigration Does Not Reflect What a California Republican Should Know About Latino Vote

Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard who lost her Senate challenge to Barbara Boxer in 2010, looks like she’s running for president.  In a field that is sure to become crowded with GOP senatorial and gubernatorial heavyweights, some are already writing her off as an underdog.  Our interest in Fiorina stems from the fact … Continue reading »

LA Times: The Union Power Couple that Made L.A. Politics

The Los Angeles Times today has a profile on Maria Elena Durazo and her late husband, Miguel Contreras, an L.A. power couple that used their skills in politics and organizing to give voice to the city’s Latinos and immigrants.  As the article mentions, the couple came from humble roots to lead a movement that transformed politics in Los … Continue reading »

California Officially Wipes Prop 187 from State Law; Will Current Dems Take a Stand for Immigrants?

It might be a symbolic gesture at this point, but in the immigration debate symbolism matters.  California’s notoriously anti-immigrant Proposition 187—the ballot initiative that spawned a movement and inspired untold numbers of leaders to enter organizing and politics—has been removed from California state law. It was already unenforceable thanks to the courts, but now that … Continue reading »

NEW AD: Farm Worker Candidate in CA-23 Releases New Ad Targeting Kevin McCarthy on Immigration

Raul Garcia, First Farm Worker to Run for U.S. Congress, Asks McCarthy Key Question: While We Wait for You on Immigration Reform, Who Should Be Harvesting America’s Food? Raul Garcia, a naturalized U.S. citizen and farm worker of 30 years, has had enough of the empty promises from his Representative on immigration and this fall, … Continue reading »

Bakersfield Farmworker is Challenging GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)

We have long warned Republicans that their opposition to immigration reform will cost them dearly in the long run.  But some advocates are also looking to make the topic an issue in the short run — for example, Raul Garcia, a farmworker in central California who has emerged as the challenger to GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) this … Continue reading »

On Immigration, Republican Party Sides with Pete Wilson over Political Science

Research Finds Anti-immigrant Ads Don’t Mobilize White voters, But Do Mobilize Latino Voters While it is no longer breaking news that Republicans have rejected their own post-2012 consensus to rebrand their image to Latino voters and reposition themselves on immigration policy, the rationale behind the GOP’s decision to ignore recent electoral history remains unclear.  Remarkably, … Continue reading »

Two California Republicans Offer Contrasting Models for Kevin McCarthy on Immigration

Will Kevin McCarthy Follow the Path of Pete Wilson or Ronald Reagan? Washington, DC – As a series of new reports capture, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) likely ascension to House Majority Leader will have important implications for immigration policy and moreover, the political future of the Republican Party.  And coming from California, no one should understand the politics … Continue reading »

Vox: Jerry Brown May Have Vetoed 2012 TRUST Act Because of ICE Lobbying

This is a pretty juicy, never-revealed before anecdote from Dara Lind at Vox today.  Apparently ICE, facing insubordination from localities over Secure Communities and police holds on immigrants, lobbied California’s Gov. Jerry Brown to veto the TRUST Act in 2012.  They tried to talk him into a 90-day “pilot program” for California, but talks eventually fell … Continue reading »