Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a Democrat, plans to dig into Mitt Romney in a speech on immigration reform Wednesday, when he will call the candidate’s rhetoric and anti-immigrant endorsers “beyond the pale.”

Pete Wilson could help Mitt Romney. Pete Wilson could hurt Mitt Romney. Both of these things are true. But the help Romney could receive from Wilson, the former California governor, during the Republican presidential primary could further wreck his reputation with Latino voters, the fastest-growing voting bloc, in the general election.

As he pushed further and further to the right in his effort to fend off the corps of arch-conservative rivals for his party’s presidential nomination, Republican front-runner Mitt Romney probably didn’t think some of what he was doing would have much effect in the larger states that will provide most of the popular and electoral votes this fall, especially California.

February 7, 2012

John Doe

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California Proposition 187 was a 1994 ballot initiative to prohibit undocumented immigrants from health care, public education, and other social services.

At the time, Gov. Pete Wilson was its most ardent supporter. And now, former Gov. Pete Wilson is Mitt Romney’s.

Weeks after GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney touted the controversial endorsement of the architect of some of the strictest state immigration laws in the country, the presidential candidate has named a well-known immigration hard-liner as honorary chairman of his California campaign.

Today, GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney announced the newest member of Anti-Immigrant Task Force: Gov. Pete Wilson joined the Team, a move sure to further alienate Latino voters. The notorious champion of CA Prop. 187 joins Kris Kobach & Lamar Smith on the Romney Endorsement List.

The effort to repeal the California DREAM Act through an initiative failed to gather enough signatures to place the measure on the ballot. The deadline was last Friday. And, the leader of that effort, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R), was arrested for trying to carry a loaded handgun on to a plane.

Nearly a million undocumented immigrants could live and work openly in California with little or no fear of deportation under an initiative unveiled Friday by a state legislator and others. Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes, D-Sylmar, is helping to spearhead the measure, called the California Opportunity and Prosperity Act.

Latino and civil rights groups stepped up their protest of KFI radio’s the “John and Ken Show” last week, bringing several dozen picketers to march outside KFI studios in Burbank, California.