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Sen. Ted Cruz

Advocates React to John Cornyn's Proposed Changes to Immigration Bill

The following is a press statement from United We DREAM: DREAMers Challenge Sen. Cornyn’s Hypocritical Maneuvering Intended to Kill Immigration Bill WASHINGTON, D.C.– With news today that Senator Cornyn plans to introduce sweeping changes to the border security provisions of the Senate immigration reform, attacking the already heavily negotiated bipartisan bill that goes much too … Continue reading »

Photoblog: DREAMers in NY Protest Ted Cruz’ Position on Immigration: “You Cruz, You Lose”

Cross-posted at Burnt Orange Report During the Senate markup of the Gang of 8 immigration reform bill (which ended last week), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) made it obvious how anti-immigrant he can be, most specifically by introducing and voting for an amendment which would bar all undocumented immigrants from ever being able to attain citizenship. … Continue reading »

Texas Immigrants, Allies Swarm Ted Cruz Office Protesting Immigration Votes

Yesterday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) spent the last day of markup pushing changes to the immigration bill like his amendment 3, which would have barred all undocumented immigrants from ever being able to gain citizenship.  Today, immigration reform advocates and their allies swarmed Cruz’s office in DC to denounce his stand against citizenship—and his eventual … Continue reading »

Reflections for Sen. Cruz: Why Citizenship Matters

A cross-post by DREAMer Eric Balderas, initially posted at the Hill: I have much in common with my home state’s junior senator, Ted Cruz (R-Texas). Like Cruz, I was not born in the U.S. Like Cruz, I moved to Texas at the age of 4 and grew up pledging allegiance to the American flag. Like … Continue reading »

Ted Cruz's Amendment 3 Gutting Citizenship Now in Markup

Update: Cruz 3 has just been rejected on a 5-13 vote. Senators supporting a permanent, second-class status: Sessions, Lee, Grassley, Cruz, Cornyn. Right now the Senate Judiciary Committee (#CIRmarkup) is considering Sen. Ted Cruz’s amendment 3, one of the worst amendments that has been proposed to the Senate Gang of 8 immigration bill.  Cruz seems … Continue reading »

Does Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) Want Mass Deportation, Self-Deportation or A Permanent Underclass?

Today, as the Senate Judiciary Committee continues its markup of the Gang of 8 immigration bill, the committee may consider one of the most nefarious amendments filed: Ted Cruz’s amendment 3, which (as we’ve written) “would prohibit anyone who had been undocumented for any period of time ever from becoming a United States citizen in the future.  … Continue reading »

Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Sen. Cruz Amendment

The following is a press statement from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Sen. Cruz’s amendment to prohibit immigrants from ever obtaining citizenship: Today, CHC Chairman Rubén Hinojosa (TX-15) and Members of the CHC released the following statement in response to the amendment offered by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) that would prohibit current and former undocumented … Continue reading »

Brent Budowsky to Senators Cruz, Cornyn: Kill Immigration Reform and Texas Goes Blue

Cross-posted at Burnt Orange Report If there’s such a thing as a GOP demographic doomsday clock, it’s ticking down to the day when Latino voters turn Texas blue and the Republicans cease winning national elections.  A new post at The Hill from columnist Brent Budowksy argues that that day will come much, much sooner if … Continue reading »

Anti-Immigrant Senator Sessions Is Leading The Gang of Hate. Who Else Will Join Him?

Yesterday, the Senate Gang of 8 introduced its long-awaited bipartisan immigration bill. Tomorrow, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold its first hearing on the bill, with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. The hearing will probably double as our first chance to see the anti-immigrant “Gang of Hate” in action on the Senate bill. … Continue reading »

DREAMers Confront Ted Cruz in Texas, Demand Support for Immigration Reform With Citizenship

Yesterday we wrote about Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’s apparent belief that citizenship is a “poison pill” for immigration reform, and argued that Ted Cruz is the real poison pill–if the GOP takes his advice. Today, Cruz was in Lubbock, Texas, for one of the last days of the Easter Congressional recess, where DREAMers with the … Continue reading »