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Ted Cruz Heckled Over Immigration Reform at Values Voter Summit

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Before Ted Cruz was a default-pushing gadfly egging Republicans on in fiscal issues, he was a gadfly who pushed the Senate to oppose immigration reform with a path to citizenship (despite being born in Canada himself).

“I think the reason that President Obama is insisting on a path to citizenship is that it is designed to be a poison pill to scuttle the whole bill, so he can have a political issue in 2014 and 2016. I think that’s really unfortunate,” Cruz said in April, a couple of months before the Senate passed its landmark bipartisan immigration bill by a vote of 68-32.

DREAMers and immigration reform advocates took pains to call Cruz out for that position today, repeatedly heckling him during his speech this morning at the conservative Values Voter Summit and asking him why he doesn’t support a path to citizenship.  Watch the video below, courtesy of Talking Points Memo:

Cruz repeatedly mistook the protesters for paid representatives from the Obama campaign: