Key Immigration Politics Stories Trump loves Dreamers so much he’s trying to deport them: Trump is cynically trying to pose as a champion of DACA while his administration is aggressively trying to end the program and subject Dreamers to deportation. Why immigration as a wedge issue has lost its edge: In 2016 and 2018, immigration… Continue »

Each Friday through Election Day, we disseminate this memo highlighting the key 2020 developments at the intersection of electoral politics and immigration Key Immigration Politics Stories Politicized DHS goes all in to aid Trump’s campaign: An AP story highlights how DHS’s illegally appointed acting leaders are driving a host of hardline immigration policies designed to… Continue »

NOTE: Of course the news of President Trump, Melania Trump and Hope Hicks testing positive for COVID-19 is the big story right now. But immigration developments never seem to stop. We summarize them and their political implications below.  Key Immigration Politics Stories Trump reaches for political comfort food: Trump has returned to his go-to strategy… Continue »

Key Immigration Politics Stories NYT/Siena Finds Overwhelming Public Support for Path to Citizenship in GA, IA, and TX: Read this to find out why Trump’s xenophobia backfires. “Cornyn Con” Continues: Facing a close Senate race in a changing Texas, John Cornyn gets called out for lying about his support for the legalization of Dreamers. Trump’s… Continue »

In August, Stephen Miller asserted that Joe Biden’s immigration stance would be “a massive political vulnerability.” The Trump campaign has spent millions in ads attacking Joe Biden for supporting a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.  New state-specific polling released today by the New York Times/Siena College in the three purple/red states of Georgia, Iowa,… Continue »

The second decade of this controversial 21st century has nearly concluded and the “bet” on immigrants and the historical significance of their contributions remain undeniable. So much so that even on the doorstep of the presidential elections, the very same ones that for their complexity could become another watershed moment in the destiny of the … Continue »

Key Immigration Politics Stories Biden Stands with the Majority of Americans Who Are Pro-Immigrant: Contrasts between Biden and Trump couldn’t be clearer. New Battleground Poll: Trump’s immigration policies are losing him more votes than they gain. The “Cornyn Con” Continues: John Cornyn calls himself a strong supporter of legalizing Dreamers, despite consistently voting against Dreamers… Continue »

Family separation, ending DACA and wasteful spending on border wall are key Trump liabilities and opportunities for Biden & Democrats   As President Trump joins a town hall in Philadelphia to tackle questions from “undecided” voters, new polling of likely voters across 12 battleground states, conducted for a trio of pro-immigrant advocacy groups, shows that… Continue »

Key Immigration Politics Stories Pew poll on immigration: “voters have shifted in a more liberal direction.” Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli need to resign from DHS – they’ve betrayed America Border Patrol produces racist video just in time for Trump’s reelection  Biden, Latinos and Florida – check the data, and the hand-wringing  Trump still relies… Continue »

Dramatic shift in a more liberal direction is a strong rebuke to Trump and Trumpism A deep-dive Pew Poll finds that during the most anti-immigrant administration in our lifetime, Americans have become dramatically more pro-immigrant. While “there continue to be stark differences” in how Americans view immigrants, “voters across the political spectrum have shifted in… Continue »