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Twitter Reacts to Trump’s Huge Immigration Vote Loss

…as well as to three other Senate immigration votes The Senate voted on four immigration amendments today, and all four failed to clear the 60-vote hurdle to pass out of Congress’ upper chamber. Two of the proposals, McCain-Coons and Rounds-King, would have provided a path to citizenship for 1.8 million Dreamers. The White House opposed … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Vote Recommendations: A Strong Yes Vote on McCain-Coons; A Strong No Vote on Grassley, Toomey and Heller; A Reluctant Yes Vote on Rounds-King

The following is America’s Voice vote recommendations ahead of today’s Senate votes on immigration: The choice before us is binary: vote for or against. At the end of today, the Senate will have approved a bill to put Dreamers on a path to citizenship or not. We encourage Senators to vote an emphatic no on … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry: “This week the Senate has a chance to do its part to end the nightmare that Trump created when he cancelled DACA”

As the Senate prepares to debate Dreamer legislation this week, Senators Chuck Grassley, John Cornyn, and a handful of others have announced a proposal that uses Dreamers’ lives as bargaining chips. The price for Dreamers’ freedom? Enactment of a vast series of unrelated, radical, racially-charged measures that slash legal immigration, turbocharge Trump’s mass deportation agenda, … Continue reading »

Office Hours: Dreamers, Legal Experts and Advocates Break Down the Latest on the Immigration Debate

A recording of today’s call is available here. After another tumultus week on immigration in Washington, leaders from United We Dream, UndocuBlack Network, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, and the Women’s Refugee Commission analyzed the White House immigration principles, the state of the federal immigration debate, and the next steps. A recording of today’s call is available here.  … Continue reading »

Here’s How Advocates Are Responding to the White House Immigration Proposal

Today, the White House rolled out a new anti-immigrant proposal which would use the fact that Dreamers need protection from deportation in order to pass a slate of nativist, anti-immigrant measures that would change U.S. demographics for the long run. The proposal, spearheaded by senior policy “adviser” Stephen Miller, would slash legal immigration, gut family migration, … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry: “The Hardliners are High-Fiving; The Statue of Liberty Weeps.”

As the White House rolls out its proposal on immigration, the following is the reaction of Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: President Trump and Stephen Miller are exploiting a crisis that they created, so they can take a wrecking ball to the Statue of Liberty. They think that by offering up a spoonful of sugar … Continue reading »

White House Meeting on Immigration Tomorrow: Unbalanced and Unserious

Just like the White House Insistence on Poison Pills in Exchange for the Dream Act On Tuesday, the White House will host nearly twenty lawmakers to discuss immigration. The list of White House-selected invitees is an unfortunate reflection of where the Administration and Republican strategy seems to be leaning: it is loaded up with anti-immigrant … Continue reading »

DACA Recipients, Legal Experts, Advocates React to White House-GOP DACA Betrayal

A recording of today’s event is available here Today, DACA recipients, legal experts, and immigrant advocates gathered on a press call to react to news that Trump and Senate Republicans say they will not attach protection for Dreamers to the end-of-year spending bill. Now is the time to pass the Dream Act. Every day that Republicans … Continue reading »

AVEF’s Frank Sharry Responds to Momentum In Support of the Bipartisan Dream Act

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry of America’s Voice Education Fund: The announcement that the President and Democratic Congressional leaders are making progress on the bipartisan Dream Act is encouraging. Of course, it’s premature to comment on the content of an agreement that has not yet been specified and signed off on. Still, … Continue reading »

Instead of Voting on the Dream Act, House GOP Pushes Bill to Scapegoat Immigrant Youth

Today on Capitol Hill, national organizations are delivering one million petition signatures to Congress demanding passage of a clean Dream Act. A legislative solution for Dreamers is overwhelmingly popular across ideologies and is increasingly urgent, with a pressing October 5th deadline facing a quarter of DACA beneficiaries. However, instead of moving the Dream Act forward, House Republicans are scheduling floor time for a … Continue reading »

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