Below are remarks from Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), who delivered a speech on the House floor about today’s markup of the SAFE Act in the House Judiciary Committee: Remarks on Immigration, U.S. Congress, June 18, 2013 Mr. Speaker — Later today, the Judiciary Committee will mark-up the first immigration-reform bill offered by Republicans in the… Continue »

As the second week of debate on the Gang of 8 immigration bill got underway today, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, began his floor speech outlining the week ahead. As he said, “I hope we can make more progress on this vital legislation.” Leahy went on to explain several of the… Continue »

The following blog is a cross-post from Michael Macleod-Ball, Chief of Staff at the ACLU Washington Legislative Office, writing about the Senate state of play and the immigration bill’s continuing progress on the Senate floor: The full U. S. Senate took up the potentially historic bill to overhaul the country’s immigration system last week. At… Continue »

“They are only asking for a chance to give back to their home” Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), the champion of the DREAM Act for over a decade, took to the Senate floor today to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and the successes of the young people… Continue »

Strike 1: Passing King Amendment to Deport DREAMers; Strike 2: Tomorrow’s Mark Up of a Judiciary Committee Bill to Criminalize Immigrants; Strike 3: If the House Blocks Immigration Reform for the Year  Understandably, most of the recent attention regarding immigration reform has focused on the Democrat-controlled Senate, where it appears that a strong bipartisan majority… Continue »

Will Adults in Republican Party Stand Up to Cynical, Mean-Spirited, and Draconian Legislation from House GOP?  Early next week, the House Judiciary Committee is primed to move forward on new and draconian immigration legislation that shows that they have learned nothing since the 2012 election and are intent to duplicate and repeat the policy and… Continue »

It’s a fundamental truth of the immigration debate: the fastest way to get Latinos and immigrants fighting mad is to try to turn 11 million undocumented immigrants into criminals. In 2006, when the House tried to turn being in the U.S. without papers into a crime under the infamous “Sensenbrenner bill,” millions of Latinos and… Continue »

Cornyn Amendment Attacks Path to Citizenship, Rubio Moves Erode Trust in Him, Sessions Stalling Tactics Bring Senate Floor Process to a Crawl The Senate immigration reform debate began this week, ushered in by a resounding 84-15 vote on the Motion to Proceed.  Buoyed by polls that show broad bipartisan support for reform with a path… Continue »

Even Polls Senator Grassley Cites Show that Public Consistently Backs Immigration Reform with Path to Citizenship On the Senate floor today, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) once again misrepresented public opinion on immigration reform – so once again, we’re compelled to correct the record.  Grassley highlighted selective results from three polls as “proof” that the American… Continue »

This morning, John Cornyn introduced his border security amendment to the Gang of 8 immigration bill–and many in the immigration reform world agree that it’s a poison pill.  Harry Reid knows it, Chuck Schumer knows it, and now Greg Sargent at the Washington Post is calling Cornyn out on it. As Sargent wrote: The details of the Cornyn amendment… Continue »