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Our Latest Victory

Maryland Dream Act Victory Provides Lesson for Washington; Americans are Ready for Action on Immigration Reform

On a press call today national and state leaders discussed the path to victory for the recently passed DREAM Act in Maryland, which ensures that all Maryland kids whose families pay Maryland taxes are able to pay in-state tuition. Fred Yang, Partner, Garin Hart Yang Research Group, who has been monitoring support for MD DREAM … Continue reading »

Washington DREAMer Alberto Yanez Issued a One Year Stay of Deportation

The battle to stop Alberto Yanez’s deportation is far from over, but at least it has been delayed for another year. Alberto Yanez — father of three American citizens, brother of two American citizens, and a passionate DREAMer — saw major breakthrough when he was granted a one year stay of deportation through January of next year.

VICTORY: Stop Mario’s Deportation

Organizers worked around the clock in Texas to stop Mario’s deportation. They sent thousands of message to DHS in support of young DREAMers who only wish to give back to the country they know as home.