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Los Angeles County Nixes Controversial Immigration Program

One vote was the deciding factor that put an end to the controversial 287g program in Los Angeles County, California. The program, which was adopted in 2005, allowed Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to enter county jails in order to determine whether certain inmates could be transferred into federal custody to face deportation. Furthermore, … Continue reading »

Long Island Joins 200 Jurisdictions Nationwide in Rejecting Automatic ICE Holds

More than 200 police jurisdictions nationwide have ended their cooperation with automatic ICE holds, and Long Island is now one of them. Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco this week ended his department’s cooperation with ICE holds, in which immigrants who are detained by police traffic or other minor violations are automatically detained until immigration officials can pick … Continue reading »

La Opinion Calls for End to Secure Communities As Speculation Grows About "Reboot"

After a sudden increase in the number of localities opting out of ICE holds, and an ongoing review of DHS enforcement practices, there is growing speculation that a “reboot” of Secure Communities is coming. The federal program has long been widely criticized for leading to unnecessary deportations, rather than focusing on priorities for deportation (the way … Continue reading »

New Oversight Report Finds DHS Watchdog Overly Cozy With Officials, Altered Reports

EDIT May 7, 2014: Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard has asked DHS for a new report on Secure Communities: According to the Washington Post today, a Senate oversight report has found that the top watchdog for DHS to have compromised his role as an independent inspector general, getting close with department leaders and altering and delaying investigations at their request. … Continue reading »

Law Enforcement Officials Take A Stand Against Secure Communities and SAFE Act

Two of the most inaccurately named public policies have to be “Secure Communities” and the “SAFE Act.” Neither keeps communities secure or safe. Instead, they breed fear and profiling. And, some law enforcement officials are taking a stand against them, including one, Sheriff Marlin Gusman, who used to be on the other side. Immigration advocates … Continue reading »

New Orleans is Latest Jurisdiction to Step Away from Secure Communities

New Orleans–heretofore famous in the immigration reform world for the deportation proceedings of the Southern 32–this week is making immigration headlines in a much more positive way by announcing that it will effectively suspend Secure Communities. Among other things, Secure Communities requests that police send the fingerprints of those they have in custody in local … Continue reading »

New Study: Nearly Half of Latinos Less Likely to Report Crime Due to Fears of Immigration Enforcement

Federal legislation to improve the nation’s immigration system is taking a step forward this week, when the Senate Gang of 8 immigration bill goes into markup, but advocates today are reminding President Obama of the high cost of strict immigration enforcement and what he can do to alleviate the problem. A new study from Lake … Continue reading »

Former NY, LA Police Commissioner Bill Bratton: Immigration Reform is "Long Overdue"

As part of their continuing series of “Bibles, Badges, and Business” events, the Forging a New Consensus project of the National Immigration Forum today held a press conference with Bill Bratton, the former Police Commissioner to both the Los Angeles and New York Police Departments.  In the midst of continuing Republican insistence that the border … Continue reading »

ICE Announces New Record Number of Deportations—and a Better Detainer Policy

Late last Friday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced that they had deported another record number of immigrants in the last fiscal year, but that they were enacting reforms that could lead to fewer unnecessary deportations in the future.  As a New York Times Christmas editorial noted, the policy change “if it works — should … Continue reading »

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