1) To See His Daughter Wake from a Coma 2) To See His Daughter Graduate from Medical School As a law student at Rutgers, Mushrat has worked hard to make her dad, Mozammel Hoque, proud. Mozammel is under threat of deportation, after years of complying with regular “check-in” meetings... Continue »
Elise Foley of HuffPost highlights the Garcia family — father facing deportation texts daughter who is attending Med School as ICE rips him away from his family As the country celebrates the underdog Loyola-Chicago’s run to the Final Four in the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, one of its students is fighting... Continue »
Father of Medical Student and Outspoken Dreamer, Belsy Garcia After more than a year of work, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under Donald Trump continues to inhumanely break families apart. This time in Georgia, ICE is currently targeting Felix Garcia, father of three, after detaining him during a routine... Continue »
Trump Campaigned on a Promise to Deport “Bad Hombres,” Instead He’s Deporting Businessmen With Families When President Trump touts his immigration policy record and vision during tonight’s State of the Union address, keep Amer Adi and his family in mind. Adi, a Youngstown, Ohio businessman and father of four U.S. citizen children, was deported... Continue »
ICE Field Office Director Rebecca Adducci Has An “Appetite for Destruction” of Area Families Cleveland, OH – The Washington Post is out with a blazing editorial about the abject cruelty inherent in the Trump Administration’s deportation policy.  Many of the examples they cite in their editorial come directly from the Detroit... Continue »
Cleveland, OH –  Last week, Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez, a father of four U.S citizen children and primary caregiver of a severely mentally and physically disabled young man, was deported. In response, Judy Mark, president and CEO of Disability Voices United, penned an op-ed for the Cleveland Plain Dealercondemning the cruel and senseless decision and... Continue »
US government insists on deporting Pedro Hernandez – loving father of US citizens, caregiver to a disabled man, despite damage to family and society Cleveland, OH – In a cruel and callous decision, the US government has refused to grant Pedro Hernandez Ramirez another “stay” of deportation, which would have... Continue »
US Government insists on deporting loving father of US citizens, caregiver to a disabled man, despite damage to family and society Cleveland, OH – In a shameful and outrageous decision, the US Government has refused to grant Pedro Hernandez Ramirez another “stay” of deportation that would allow him to remain in... Continue »
Pedro is “Backbone of Our Family,” Says Wife Seleste Elyria, OH – Today, the Cleveland Plain Dealer published the heartbreaking story of Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez, a man who has lived in the United States for fifteen years, is a devoted husband to wife Seleste Wisniewski, a U.S. citizen, and a... Continue »
From Massachusetts this week comes the story of Jose Flores, a 37-year-old construction worker who is now in immigrant detention after he dared to ask his employer for workers’ compensation. His case may be the latest example of how the Trump Administration practices immigration retaliation. Jose Flores, detained after asking... Continue »