Arizona has long been at the center of the debate about immigration, producing some of the most extreme and ugly voices, from Joe Arpaio to Jan Brewer to the violent border posse. This year, we’re seeing Republican elected officials and candidates pushing even more dangerous xenophobic rhetoric. And, it’s... Continue »
Washington, DC – Un anuncio dado a conocer hoy por el candidato republicano de Arizona al Senado, Jim Lamon, lo representa a él como un alguacil del Viejo Oeste disparando a personajes que caracterizan al presidente Biden, al senador Mark Kelly (D-AZ) y a la presidenta de la Cámara... Continue »
Bill Introduction Is Cynical Politics, Not Good Faith Legislation Washington, DC – Yesterday, South Florida Republican Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar introduced immigration legislation titled “The Dignity Act,” which we characterized as “a press release aimed at immigrant voters in her Florida district … designed to burnish her re-election chances,... Continue »
Republicans are using the same out-of-date and out-of-context images over and over again to create a xenophobic boogyman. We provide the context that belies their racist midterm narrative.     Republicans Monica De La Cruz and Alan Sims are both first-time candidates competing in crowded Republican primaries who recently... Continue »
Positive Steps, Huge Disappointments Introduction It’s impossible to evaluate President Biden’s first-year progress on immigration policy without starting with the former guy. Under President Trump, immigrants were subjected to cruel policies that threw the system into chaos. Championed by the then-President, formulated by White House advisor Stephen Miller, and... Continue »
Democrats Must Respond to this Threat to Democracy and the Well-Being of All Working Families On the evening of August 11, 2017, an organized mass of white supremacists marched with tiki torches through Charlottesville, Virginia. This Ku Klux Klan simulacrum chanted anti-Semitic and white nationalist slogans including “Jews will... Continue »
New report highlights an accelerating climate crisis fuelling emergencies in world’s poorest countries Reporting in The Guardian highlights a new joint report from Care International and Meltwater that found the countries most impacted by climate change have done the least to cause its impact, and receive little to no... Continue »
Washington, DC – With labor shortages and high inflation in the news, several Republican-aligned voices are making the case that getting our economy right means getting immigration reform right.  Earlier this week, NBC News reported, “Slowing immigration worsens job shortages.” It noted that net immigration to the U.S. was... Continue »
TPS is an effective solution for humanitarian aid and regional stability and TPS is a decision solely at the President’s discretion A new piece in the Austin American-Statesman underscores the link between widespread hunger and migration pressures, especially in our hemisphere. More than two million people are estimated to... Continue »
Washington, DC – Below is a column by Maribel Hastings from America’s Voice en Español translated in English and Spanish.  Just as in 2013, a ray of hope for millions of undocumented immigrants is surging, following the House of Representatives’ approval of a massive social spending bill that includes... Continue »