The Trump administration’s inhumane and traumatic family separation policy was and remains indefensible – and it’s front and center again as convicted felon Donald Trump pursues his mass deportation agenda. But that cruel program’s unpopularity is probably why Donald Trump Jr. couldn’t defend it and instead resorted to lies... Continue »
On this day in May 2018, then-U.S. Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III stepped in front of cameras and assembled press to formally announce that it would be the official policy of the United States to tear children, including nursing infants and toddlers, from the arms of parents seeking... Continue »
Trump’s Businesses and His Family Use Immigration Pathways and Also Have a Long History of Hiring and Exploiting Undocumented Workers He’s Demonized for Political Gain Indicted former President Donald Trump seeks to impose “unprecedented restrictions” on legal immigration if he returns to power in January 2025 – except, it... Continue »
Day two of the 2020 Republican National Convention was a night full of contradictions in regards to immigration policy. The same stream of racist rhetoric flowed throughout the event with new tricks to try to cover for this hateful rhetoric. Still, the central narrative of the convention was to... Continue »
The 2020 Republican National Convention did not shy away from the xenophobia, racism and dog-whistle politics that many predicted to be the inevitable narrative of the event. In the words of Frank Sharry, “after failing America on the pandemic, the economy and race relations, stoking fear of ‘the non-white... Continue »
Yesterday, we assessed that the latest Muslim and refugee ban is still a “cruel, chaotic, and dangerous affront to the principles our country was founded on.” Given that internal DHS analyses undercut the supposed national security rationales for the policies, we noted that the motivations behind the ban traced back... Continue »
It’s almost like Donald Trump’s campaign has a white nationalist problem. Back in March, Donald Trump Jr. appeared on a right-wing radio show called “Liberty Roundtable,” where he was interviewed by guest host James Edwards, the white nationalist host of another radio program considered “overtly racist” and “anti-Semitic” by... Continue »
Like the Kahn Family and Judge Curiel, He Demeans a Latina Who Won Miss Universe Washington, DC – One of the most potentially consequential moments of last night’s first presidential debate occurred when Hillary Clinton introduced viewers to the story of Alicia Machado – the Latina Miss Universe pageant... Continue »
On Monday, Donald Trump Jr. thought he was making the most brilliant of points when he shared a white supremacist meme comparing a bowl of Skittles to Syrian refugees. “This image says it all. Let’s end the politically correct agenda that doesn’t put America first,” Junior added. The Mars... Continue »
File this in the “Why Are We Not Surprised?” drawer. Donald Trump Jr.’s widely-mocked meme yesterday — where he ridiculously compared a bowl of Skittles to the Syrian refugee crisis — was apparently ripped straight from white supremacist memes (although former Tea Party Congressman and deadbeat dad Joe Walsh... Continue »