As a Floridian, I am a little bit perplexed with the positions that Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have adopted on immigration. It is especially concerning, when you take a closer look at both their previous positions on the issue, coupled with the fact that they both hail from a state that holds one of… Continue »

Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush cut a Nevada rally short yesterday after facing sharp criticism from immigration and Black Lives Matter activists, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times. It began when Bush was responding to a question about family reunification from an audience member: Richard Carreon, 35, of Las Vegas, told the… Continue »

RNC Chair Reince Priebus’s 2012 post-mortem report following Mitt Romney’s obliteration seemed pretty clear in its message to Republicans: We must pass immigration reform if we’re going to make amends with the Latino voters who defeated us, and we must pass it now. “We must embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform…If Hispanic Americans hear that… Continue »

Out of Touch on Policy, Politics and Public Opinion  During the main debate last night, immigration was one of the top issues.  Here’s our take.  Here’s what leading Republican candidates had to say about immigration last night: Donald Trump: “…we need, Jeb, to build a wall, we need to keep illegals out.” Scott Walker: “Secure the border, enforce the… Continue »

For additional details, contact and please check out the America’s Voice 2016 content, including detailed candidate tracking information, at It’s an article of faith on the Republican campaign trail that the border is out of control and that immigration enforcement is lax – hence, we are experiencing a spike in illegal immigration.  In fact, none of… Continue »

Yesterday, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush released a six part immigration plan.  Surprisingly, all six points focused solely on immigration enforcement and border security measures. While he bookends his six point plan with mentions of a rigorous path to earned legal status, his intent is clearly to establish hawkish bona fides as the Republican primary season… Continue »

Bobby Jindal has been having a bit of a rough time lately. Once considered a rising star in the GOP (who could ever forget that State of the Union rebuttal?), Jindal has consistently ranked in the bottom five of GOP Presidential candidates in most polling. So maybe that’s why Jindal took it upon himself to… Continue »

It is now clear that the fallout over Donald Trump’s racist anti-immigrant remarks will not go away quietly.  Trump’s comments, and his ongoing defense of them, continue to drive the political news cycle and reinforce the Republican Party’s brand image on immigration issues in the process, while his fellow candidates struggle in response.  This is… Continue »

Whatever happened to Jeb “I Understand The Immigrant Experience” Bush? Last weekend, Latino Rebels highlighted a video of DREAMer Erika Castro trying to ask Bush a question about DACA — and let’s just say Bush’s reaction to this young immigrant was anything but immigrant-friendly. The video is about a minute long and well-worth the watch,… Continue »

For months, we’ve been trying to get a sense of where Jeb Bush stands on the issue of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DREAMers have asked him. Reporters have asked him. In March, after the Iowa Agricultural summit, Iowa DREAMer Monica Reyes asked Bush if he would renew DACA. Bush said he wanted to… Continue »