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ICYMI: Jeb Bush Gets Mean When A DREAMer Tries To Ask A Question About DACA

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Whatever happened to Jeb “I Understand The Immigrant Experience” Bush?

Last weekend, Latino Rebels highlighted a video of DREAMer Erika Castro trying to ask Bush a question about DACA — and let’s just say Bush’s reaction to this young immigrant was anything but immigrant-friendly.

The video is about a minute long and well-worth the watch, considering Bush spends as much time being condescending to Erika as he does giving his non-answer about what he would do about DACA.

It’s also very worth nothing that Erika is one of the same DREAMers who met with Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas in May, where Erika was able to share her personal story in-depth during a roundtable.

As for her encounter with Jeb, Erika could barely get a sentence in with the GOP’s supposed Latino-friendly candidate.

Watch the video of GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush getting mean with a DREAMer below.