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Jeb Bush: DACA Is Unconstitutional ‘and Courts Will Prove Me Right’

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For months, we’ve been trying to get a sense of where Jeb Bush stands on the issue of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DREAMers have asked him. Reporters have asked him. In March, after the Iowa Agricultural summit, Iowa DREAMer Monica Reyes asked Bush if he would renew DACA. Bush said he wanted to pass legislation to protect DREAMers and compared Obama’s actions to those of a Latin American dictator. But, last month, Jeb seemed to intimate that he’d keep President Obama’s immigration executive actions: in place until legislation passed.

Jeb Bush indicated in an interview to air Monday that he would wait until Congress pass an immigration overhaul before repealing President Obama‘s executive orders temporarily allowing some people in the country illegally to stay.

Appearing on CBS’s Face the Nation on May 31st 2015, Jeb Bush spoke generally about President Obama’s “executive actions on immigration,” but didn’t indicate whether he was referring to DAPA and the expansion of DACA, which are currently being stalled by a Texas judge — or the original DACA program which went into effect back in 2012.

SCHIEFFER: Well, President Obama, as you well know, has taken several executive actions on immigration. Would you overturn those actions that he took if you’re elected?

BUSH: I think the Supreme Court is going to overturn them. I think it’s unconstitutional. I have read the law. I have written a written a book about this. And I’m kind of all in on the immigration subject. And the simple fact is, he doesn’t have the authority to do what he did.

But today, in Iowa, Bush made his view very clear: he thinks DACA is unconstitutional.

Responding to a question about the deportation of Pastor Max, Bush opined:

[Obama’s] using executive order authority that he doesn’t have..the constitution doesn’t grant him. He’s doing this, as it relates to the DREAM Act kids, in an unconstitutional fashion and the Courts will prove me right.

Watch the clip here. His DACA comments start at 7:38.