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Sen. Gillibrand Leads 15 Sens. Asking Sec. Kelly for Info on Children Separated from Deported Parents

For the last few months, Donald Trump has been running a mass deportation agenda that has terrified communities, separated families, and made it clear that all undocumented immigrants in the US are now at risk of deportation. Last week, we published a blog post about four immigrant parents living in different parts of the country, who have … Continue reading »

The Wall Comes Tumbling Down

People Power, Resolute Democrats On Verge of Defeating President Trump’s Budget Request for Border Wall and Deportation Force Last week, another Trump promise crumbled with the crash and burn of the health care bill in the House of Representatives. The keys to victory: people power, Democratic unity and Republican divisions. Looking forward, it looks like … Continue reading »

Dems Make it Clear to Trump: No Taxpayer Money for Mass Deportation

Donald Trump wants to spend billions of dollars on a mass-deportation crackdown that would tear immigrant families and communities apart. The billions that he proposes to spend would be taxpayer money, partly contributed by immigrants themselves and partly contributed by the vast majority of Americans who don’t support Trump’s deportation agenda. Congressional Democrats have begun … Continue reading »

Schumer and Democrats Defend American Values: No Increase in Funds to Pay for Mass Deportation and a Stupid Border Wall

This week, President Trump will request $6.6 billion to fund his nationwide deportation force, new detention centers, and a massive infrastructure increase at the border (read: stupid border wall) – all to implement his mass deportation blueprint. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has staked out a strong stance, promising to stand up against Trump’s … Continue reading »

Lessons from Nevada: Harry Reid and In-State Ground Game Offer Lessons for Democrats Moving Forward

Nevada stands out as one of the 2016 successes for Democrats, after serving as the Party’s “Latino firewall” in 2010.  This happened because the state is home to smart and sophisticated Latino voter engagement efforts as well as a staunch Latino and immigrant champion, Harry Reid. As Democrats plan the way forward, two recent pieces highlight … Continue reading »

Caucus Chair Xavier Becerra To House Dems: “Exit Polls Misrepresent The Latino Vote”

After a year and a half of ugly rhetoric from Donald Trump, Latino voters turned out in historic numbers this past Presidential election — and they were decisively in Hillary Clinton’s corner, 79-18 according to expert pollsters Latino Decisions. It’s why the exit polling we’ve seen coming from by Edison Research — which gives Trump … Continue reading »

Will New Round of Immigration Raids Dampen Latino Political Enthusiasm in 2016?

After news broke last week that the Obama Administration was planning a new round of immigration raids targeting young mothers and unaccompanied children from Central America, leading Democratic voices and policy experts and advocates condemned the planned enforcement actions as morally wrong and misguided on policy. Additionally, as leading observers are beginning to highlight, the planned … Continue reading »

Transcript of Immigration Questions at the Democratic Debate

Here’s the transcript of the immigration questions from the Democratic candidates debate on October 13, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  There are several areas that will require clarification from the candidates – and we’ll have more on that later. And, there was no discussion about mass deportation or ending birthright citizenship or blocking executive actions: COOPER: … Continue reading »

On Immigration, the Key Contrast is Between the Parties, Not Between the Democratic Candidates

Democrats Leaning Forward With Pro-Immigrant Positions; Republicans Are Lurching Right and Pandering to a Shrinking Base Washington, DC – At tonight’s Democratic presidential debate CNN will undoubtedly try to draw out differences between the candidates.  With respect to immigration, however, the differences will be slight.  All the major candidates support comprehensive immigration reform with a path … Continue reading »

Ahead of 2016 Democratic Debate: What A Difference A Movement Makes

Tonight is the first Democratic debate. It’s taking place in Las Vegas. Today, The Guardian underscored the importance of Latino voters and the immigration issue in Nevada: More than 7% of Nevada’s 2.8 million residents are undocumented immigrants. That is the largest percentage in the country, and it’s also the reason Obama has announced all … Continue reading »