Después del anuncio del presidente Obama fue la primera vez que paré de pensar en el matrimonio como opción para arreglar mi estatus legal. Aunque siempre había dicho (y todavía lo pienso) que el matrimonio como remedio a mi situación migratoria no era para mí, siempre lo tenía en la... Continue »
Yesterday the Immigration Policy Center (IPC) released a treasure trove of data on DREAM Act-eligible youth, including where they come from and where in the US they tend to live.  The report, entitled “Who and Where the DREAMers Are: A Demographic Profile of Immigrants Who Might Benefit from the... Continue »
“No papers, no fear.” That is the slogan that is driving (so to speak) a group of undocumented immigrants and allies of different ages from Arizona to cities where there is heated anti-immigrant sentiment. The group is calling out the injustices toward immigrants that have been taking place throughout the... Continue »
President Obama’s June announcement (that DREAM Act-eligible youth would be spared from deportation and granted work permits) was widely applauded as a move that would finally grant relief to young immigrants and allow them to move toward legal status.  But a shady, cynical cadre of fraudulent lawyers and notarios... Continue »
Yesterday, Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin (D-IL) took to the stage at the Center for American Progress to launch a new website featuring the lives and stories of DREAMers.  (We live-tweeted the event here.) Durbin has long been one of the foremost advocates of immigration reform and the DREAM... Continue »
Today, United We Dream (UWD), the largest network of immigrant-youth led organizations in the country, announced its campaign to educate 500,000 DREAMers on Obama’s relief policy. They spoke about their plan to educate their communities about the process, the guidelines and documents needed; as well as warned the community... Continue »
Cross-Posted at Jack and Jill Politics: Today, at an oversight hearing of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Steve King (R-Peanut Gallery) ominously threatened to sue DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano unless she reversed the Obama Administration’s popular new policy to grant temporary relief to DREAMers. In case you don’t know... Continue »