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ICYMI: Dara Lind: “Trump’s Asylum Ban Could Apply Retroactively to Thousands of Migrants Even Though Officials Promised It Wouldn’t”

Dara Lind, writing for ProPublica, reveals the latest development in the Trump administration’s inhumane and xenophobic policies: Asylum-seekers, forced to return to Mexico to await their hearings under the administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, may now be ineligible for asylum because of their stint in Mexico.  As Lind explains, “The source of the confusion is … Continue reading »

DHS Calls Their Border Strategy a Success. We Call it a Human Rights Catastrophe.

Stories Expose the Cruel Treatment of Those Seeking Refuge In America The Trump administration and the Republican party claim their border strategy is a success. The excellent reporting excerpted below – by John Stanton, Julian Aguilar, Acacia Coronado, Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Hamed Aleaziz and Adolfo Flores – exposes the human rights catastrophe caused by American policies, … Continue reading »

Trump’s Retreat from American Values with Abhorrent Asylum & Refugee Policies

In hard-hitting pieces for USA Today and TIME Magazine, refugee experts Rev. Sharon Stanley-Rea and Barbara Strack highlight the ways in which the Trump administration’s efforts to end refugee resettlement are a retreat from American values. Strack, who recently retired after a long career at USCIS, is one of the most experienced experts on refugees … Continue reading »

Spotlight on Inequities of Trump’s Relentless Effort to Subvert Due Process for Asylum Seekers

New reporting and first person accounts spotlight the details and consequences of the Trump administration’s relentless and multi-faceted effort to restrict access to a fair asylum process. Here’s the sham process the Trump administration has set up in order to deny fair access to asylum: First, they’ve eliminated the ability for vulnerable people to stay … Continue reading »

Three Rulings Against Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Agenda Offer 2020 Reminder Why Courts Matter

Courts doing what Republicans in Congress refuse to – stand up to a dangerous and erratic President for a better vision for America Three court rulings from the end of last week dealt setbacks to the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant agenda: Judge Dolly Gee ruled against the Trump administration’s regulation attempting to overturn the Flores settlement … Continue reading »

With Honduran Asylum “Deal,” Trump is Doling out Death Sentences

“This devastating story reminds us how designating Honduras a ‘safe third country’ makes a mockery of the term” On Wednesday, the Trump administration inked a deal with Honduras on possibly returning asylum seekers to Honduras and designating the Central American country as a “safe third country.” In so doing, the administration once again conducts an … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Must Read Texas Observer Interview with Immigration Judge: “That is Not What America is About”

A must-read interview in the Texas Observer between reporter Gus Bova and Ashley Tabaddor, president of the National Association of Immigration Judges, highlights the way the Trump Administration’s Remain in Mexico policies and the absence of attorneys and accountability at the “kangaroo” tent courts in Brownsville and Laredo are subverting due process, endangering lives, and … Continue reading »

ICYMI: David Leopold: “Bearing Witness at the Southern Border”

In this first-hand account, leading immigration attorney David Leopold, Chair of Immigration at Ulmer & Berne and former President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, recounts his recent trip to the border, providing in-depth analysis of the deadly impacts of the Trump administration’s “Return to Mexico” policy and revealing Trump and Stephen Miller’s true motive: … Continue reading »

ICYMI: USA Today Spotlights “One Deadly Week” in Ongoing Human Rights Crisis Along the Border

A powerful and deeply-reported set of stories in USA Today explores the “dangerous journeys and the broken immigration system that awaits” asylum seekers and refugees fleeing instability and violence and heading to the U.S. border – where the Trump administration’s policies have worsened and exacerbated a human rights crisis. Relying on reporting from four countries … Continue reading »

Reversing Decades of Policy, Trump Administration Clamps Down on Cubans Seeking Safe Haven and Citizenship in the U.S.

Increasing Deportations, Thousands of Cuban Asylum Seekers Sent Back to Danger in Mexico, Naturalization and “Green Card” Denials, Bureaucratic Hurdles to Obtain Status, Pressuring Other Nations to Block Cuban Asylum Seekers Despite tough talk about the Cuban regime and the harm it continues to inflict on its own citizens, President Trump and his administration have … Continue reading »