A menos de una semana de la elección presidencial más determinante en la historia reciente de Estados Unidos, los niveles de ansiedad comienzan a dispararse debido a los diversos escenarios posibles: la reelección de Donald Trump; una barrida demócrata que no deje nada a la duda y culmine en... Continuar »
A multiracial majority is poised to erect a firewall of tolerance  Today’s Wall Street Journal carries this must-read story, “Trump Campaign Tones Down Immigration Messages That Dominated 2016 Election.” It raises and addresses important questions: why is it that on Trump’s signature issue Trump is on defense and Biden... Continuar »
In a new piece for the Texas Tribune, Julián Aguilar highlights the stories of Gerson Bonilla and Gloria Soto, two Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients currently living under threat of deportation. Like the more than 300,00 TPS recipients currently residing in the U.S., Gerson and Gloria are concerned about... Continuar »
America’s Voice   Why Trump’s Xenophobia Isn’t Working in 2020 ICYMI: Texas Tribune: For hundreds of thousands of TPS holders, their future is in jeopardy and the election provides an opportunity for permanent protection. English Hope Hate Magazine https://www.hopenothate.org.uk/2020/10/26/new-beginning/ By Frank Sharry October 27, 2020 Dallas Morning News Deflecting... Continuar »
Family separations, one of the darkest chapters of Trump’s or any other presidency, is back in the headlines. NBC reported that at least 545 children remain separated from parents who cannot be located, and Kristen Welker brought it up in the presidential debate. We chronicle just some of the... Continuar »
English New York Times Trump Tried to Blur Responsibility for His Family Separation Policy in Final Debate By Zolan Kanno-Youngs October 23, 2020 Washington Post ‘Kids in cages’: It’s true that Obama built the cages at the border. But Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ immigration policy had no precedent. By Nick... Continuar »
Each Friday through Election Day, we disseminate this memo highlighting the key 2020 developments at the intersection of electoral politics and immigration Key Immigration Politics Stories Presidential Debate: On Immigration, the Contrast Could Not Be Clearer: In response to the immigration questions, Trump revealed who he is and what... Continuar »
On kids separated from parents, Trump: “They are so well taken care of.” Biden: “It violates every notion of who we are as a nation. It’s criminal.” In response to the immigration questions at last night’s debate, Donald Trump revealed who he is and what his administration is about.... Continuar »
Trump’s infamous family separation policy is still haunting us, and after new court documents revealed that the parents of 545 children that have still not been united with their children and are unable to be located, leaders and observers are rightfully outraged. In a statement by Vice President Joe... Continuar »
A primer in case it does   Will immigration, the original sin of Trumpism and his administration’s signature issue, finally come up at a debate? If it does, here is our take. Family Separation: As the Washington Post editorialized, “Let’s not mince words. The Trump administration kidnapped children.” In... Continuar »