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TODAY: Brand-New Polling on Latino Vote in Virginia Released; Watch Live-stream Here

This week, America’s Voice with Latino Decisions is finishing our series of releases on polling information about Latino voters in key swing states.  Today, we are releasing new data about Latino voters in Virginia.  The polling will answer questions about which candidate these segments of the electorate are supporting, what their policy priorities are, how … Continue reading »

Candidates Leaning In: Political Ads Tout Support for Immigration Reform, DREAM Act

As we enter the thick of campaign season, we’re starting to see the new paradigm of immigration politics play out in television ads. Candidates who support common sense reform are leaning into the issue. And, they’re pushing that message to an important constituency: Latino voters. The Obama/Biden campaign has Spanish language ads on the air … Continue reading »

Univision: "Obama’s chances of winning Virginia again could hinge on Latino turnout"

Last month, Latino Decisions and America’s Voice released polling of Latino voters in five battleground states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Virginia. On Friday, July 13th, President Obama campaigned in Virginia. Univision’s Jordan Fabian noticed the President’s stump speech included language on immigration: President Obama briefly departed from his usual stump speech in Virginia Beach, … Continue reading »