Speaking on the Senate floor in 2007 about a virtually identical bill, she said: “This is such an important piece of legislation, and I do think this is isolated from the entire immigration issue because there . . . are young people who have been brought to this country as minors, not of their own doing, who have gone to American high schools, graduated, and who want to go to American colleges.”

Sen. John Cornyn expresses sympathy for students who would be affected by the Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act, and yet he doesn’t think he can help them just yet…[Martin Luther King Jr.] wrote…”the time is always ripe to do what’s right.”

A national Hispanic Republican organization denounced Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s opposition to the DREAM Act on Friday and warned that the stance may hurt her re-election prospects in 2012 should she decide to run.

Even as the House readies for a DREAM vote this week, Mike Lillis’ latest piece on DREAM in The Hill paints a stark picture of the challenges the DREAM Act faces to garner conservative backers in the Senate. Lillis describes Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s recent complaints about the bill: