The Texas congressman who heads the U.S. House Judiciary Committee has accused the Justice Department of being “hypocritical” for not pursuing legal action against a Utah law approving a guest worker program for illegal immigrants.

A Texas House committee started grappling Wednesday evening with numerous immigration-related proposals. Most of the testimony to the State Affairs Committee in the meeting, which continued into the night, was from people who wanted stricter immigration laws.

In Texas, the Republican Party is changing its tactics on illegal immigration. The relatively welcoming, tolerant attitude embraced by George W. Bush when he was governor is waning. It has been overtaken by a flood of Arizona-style get-tough measures, with nearly 100 immigration bills written or filed.

A proposal in the Texas state legislature to crack down on the hiring of undocumented immigrants features a huge exception for household labor — once again exposing the breathtaking hypocrisy of some Republicans who want to sound tough on the issue, but still benefit from undocumented labor.

A proposed immigration law being cast in jest across the country as a way for Texans to rid the work force of illegal immigrants while protecting their low-paid nannies and gardeners drew serious concern Thursday from advocates who fear the bill could have a chilling effect across the state.

Don’t look now, but Texas is turning blue. Not today, to be sure, nor tomorrow. But to read the newly released census data on the Lone Star State is to understand that Texas, the linchpin of any Republican electoral college majority, is turning Latino and, unless the Republicans change their spots, Democratic.

Just when you didn’t think it could get much worse for immigrants in these United States, it actually does. This time, it’s in Texas.

The Lone Star State just got a whole lot bigger – 4.3 million Texans bigger to be exact – according to 2010 census data released today.

The American people want leadership and solutions on the immigration issue, but what they’ve been getting from Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) is flip-flopping and hypocrisy. Instead of taking the lead towards solutions, Cornyn talks about supporting immigration reform in public, while undermining legislative efforts in Congress.

In response to a recent Roll Call article calling out the nativist lobby, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith wrote a letter to the editor making a series of claims—many of which he’s been making for the last 20 years—which simply don’t stack up to the facts. These myths also conveniently obscure the lack of any denial of ties to the nativist lobby. While many of Smith’s easy-to-swallow myths may stir the extreme end of a conservative base, they serve as a yet another distraction from having an open and honest immigration debate.