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Signs that Reform is Coming

House GOP Should Hurry Up & Evolve Already on Immigration

House GOP Leaders Float Baby Steps at a Time When Broad Reform is Needed In recent days House Republicans are floating ideas and expressing optimism that they can get something done on immigration reform.  There’s talk of a KIDS Act to help Dreamers.  There’s talk of piecemeal measures that might add up to a comprehensive … Continue reading »

On Immigration Reform, Ayotte and Cornyn Show the Difference Between Bipartisan Problem-Solving and Partisan Troublemaking

On CBS’s “Face the Nation” yesterday, Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) announced her support of the Senate’s immigration bill, including its path to citizenship provision.  Now according to Chuck Todd and the NBC News Political Unit, “There are at least 60 votes for the bill.” The developments of recent days show that there is a right … Continue reading »

Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is the Latest to Endorse Path to Citizenship

POLITICO reports that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) endorsed a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants on Friday saying: We just have a broken system.  And to me, if somebody wants to come in and live the American dream and work hard…we should have a system that works and let’s people in…The vast majority of … Continue reading »

Bipartisan Signs that Immigration Reform is Coming

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has just identified immigration as the top legislative priority for the Senate in 2013—and that’s just the latest sign that immigration reform will happen this year.  Here are more signs–bipartisan signs–from the last few days: President Obama highlighted immigration as an issue to tackle yesterday during his second inaugural address, … Continue reading »

Obama Holds Independence Day Naturalization Ceremony for New Americans at the White House

On Wednesday, July 4, President Obama held a naturalization ceremony at the White House, welcoming 25 members of the military originally from 17 different countries as new American citizens. Obama’s thoughts via Byron York at Washington Examiner: We’re still perfecting our union, still extending the promise of America. That’s why, as another step forward, we’re … Continue reading »

How the First Caucus State is Offering a Sensible—and Popular—Solution on Immigration Reform

On Tuesday, community, business, and religious leaders in Iowa launched the Iowa Compact. The Compact charts a sensible course on immigration policy – a welcome contrast to the “papers, please” crackdowns passed in Arizona and Alabama, and the rhetoric dominating this issue among GOP 2012 presidential contenders.

Tides of immigration

The recent anti-illegal- immigrant law enacted by Alabama makes it a crime to “transport, conceal, harbor or shield an illegal immigrant.” Along with the Obama administration, an ecumenical group of Alabama’s Christian leaders opposes the bill, charging that the law makes it illegal to act as a “good Samaritan” toward an illegal immigrant.