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Signs that Reform is Coming

Immigration could prove helpful to state’s recovery

Immigration has become a political hot potato, often prompting heated debate over border security, illegal workers, police responsibilities and other issues. But a conference this week at Wayne State University centered on how immigrants could be a major asset in helping Michigan to rebuild its tattered economy.

Sen. Chuck Schumer tries reviving immigration bill

Sen. Chuck Schumer is attempting to revive moribund efforts to pass a comprehensive immigration bill, telling POLITICO Monday that he will hold a hearing next week focused on the economic argument for an immigration overhaul. It’s a subtle shift in emphasis for immigration reform advocates, who met recently with Schumer (D-N.Y.) to plot a strategy.

Immigration reform edges forward

You may hear that “immigration reform is dead” in the 112th Congress. But in reality, it’s very much alive. It will just probably happen in pieces, not “comprehensively.” A trend for new bipartisan immigration policy is emerging that focuses on two immigration issues: granting more green cards to educated immigrants; and increasing internal enforcement.

Dream Act can help students get over the top

There is nothing to dislike about the Illinois Dream Act, which recently was passed by the Illinois Senate and is expected to move to the House for a vote in the next few weeks. The state’s Dream Act [provides] approximately 95,000 illegal immigrant youths with the opportunity to get an education. And just to be clear, this is to be accomplished without spending any taxpayer money.

GOP unfazed by Obama immigration plan push

President Barack Obama will use the Texas-Mexico border as a backdrop on Tuesday to call again on Congress to fix the nation’s broken immigration system and address the 11 million immigrants in this country illegally – including 1.6 million in Texas. Obama is traveling to El Paso, across the border from violence-wracked Ciudad Juarez.

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