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House GOP Leaders Continue Allegiance to Hardliners at Expense of the National Interest and the Demands of GOP Moderates

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Pili Tobar: “It’s a moment of truth for Republicans who say they want action”

House Republican leaders, under pressure from moderates in swing districts to bring up the Dream Act, have caved to pressure from the Freedom Caucus and promised a vote on the far-right nativist bill authored by Rep. Robert Goodlatte (R-VA). It’s clear the Hurd-Aguilar bill favored by moderates (Dream Act plus reasonable border security measures) would be approved on a bipartisan basis. It’s clear that t he Goodlatte bill does not have enough partisan support from Republicans to be approved.

 The following is a statement from Pili Tobar, Managing Director of America’s Voice:

“Republican leadership is sucking up to the Freedom Caucus, carrying water for Trump’s xenophobic and nativist agenda, and refusing to give relief to Dreamers, all while leaving moderate Republicans in vulnerable districts twisting in the wind. Hard right safe seats are driving the election chances in swing districts, and moderates will pay a price for this strategy.

The real question is why are moderate Republicans standing behind a leadership and a party that is so willing to throw them under the bus? If moderate Republicans are serious, they will step up and sign the discharge petition to force a vote on a series of measures, including the Hurd-Aguilar bill that enjoys, by far, the most support in the House. If not, then Republicans who say they favor action are talking the talk without walking the walk.

Without a doubt, the Republican leadership is interested in power over principle and party over country. It’s a moment of truth for those Republicans who say they want action.”