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What is Nevada AG Adam Laxalt So Afraid Of?

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Adam Laxalt is Nevada’s new Republican Attorney General and responsible for adding Nevada to the 26 states’ lawsuit against executive action that received its first ruling this week.  Laxalt has been praised by conservatives for this move, even though he represents a state that is 27% Latino.

Apparently, Laxalt isn’t much for explaining his actions.  He was scheduled to go on Univision yesterday — but apparently bailed at the last minute.  Here’s Nevada DREAMer Astrid Silva tweeting about it:

It makes sense that Laxalt did not want to explain to Univision why he decided to attack immigrants via executive action — he apparently couldn’t even justify his decision to Nevada’s Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval.  As KNPR news today reveals:

One of the biggest criticisms of Laxalt’s move to join the lawsuit was that it ran contradictory to the opinion of his client, Gov. Brian Sandoval, who has said the issue shouldn’t be decided by the courts.

Laxalt would not give details about any conversations he had with the governor, citing attorney-client privilege but he did say, “Our staffs communicated.”

Laxalt apparently can’t make the time to communicate with his governor or his Spanish-speaking constituents.  But he is finding the time to travel to Washington next week to testify at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the supposed unconstitutionality of Obama’s executive action.  It’s clear where Laxalt’s priorities lie.