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Rep. Joe Heck Thinks Listening to Constituents on Immigration Reform is "Bullying"

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So Rep. Joe Heck’s campaign account tweeted this yesterday, painting himself as an anti-immigrant hardliner and linking to a fundraising page:

It’s an odd choice of words.  The tweet came in response to a number of immigrants and advocates coming to his Las Vegas office asking for his support on immigration reform, as part of this week’s #OccupyCIR action.  In Rep. Heck’s district, 74% of likely 2014 voters support immigration reform with a path to citizenship, including 71% of Republicans.  But Rep. Heck thinks that constituents asking him to pass a bill that makes moral, economic, and political sense is “bullying”?  This, coming from a member of Congress who voted with Steve King multiple times in favor of deporting DREAMers?  It seems like Rep. Heck could use more such “bullying”.

The internet didn’t agree with Rep. Heck either.  Here are some of our favorite tweets responding: