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DREAMer Astrid Silva Joins Diaz-Balart To Discuss Her Immigration Roundtable With Hillary Clinton

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Earlier today, Nevada DREAMer Astrid Silva appeared on José Diaz-Balart’s “The Rundown” to discuss her immigration roundtable with 2016 Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Silva was one of the six immigrant activists — all of whom are either DACA recipients or have relatives who are undocumented — who shared their personal family stories with Clinton.

During the roundtable, Clinton promised to both fight for a path to citizenship, and to defend and expand on executive actions if Republicans continue to block a legislative solution.

“I think Secretary Clinton made some very bold statements. I was surprised how open she was,” Silva told Diaz-Balart in their interview.

Silva has been a leading immigration activist in Nevada, and was name-checked by President Obama during his November 2014 immigration action speech for her efforts in the immigrant community.

Astrid’s father is eligible for DAPA, but the program is currently on hold following a partisan lawsuit from the Republican Governors and Attorneys General of 26 states, including Astrid’s home state of Nevada.

Still, immigration activists remain hopeful that the courts will let the program go forward, and Clinton’s words are a sign that immigration cannot be ignored by any candidate seeking the White House in 2016.

Said Astrid in the interview: “The ability that we had to actually have an open dialogue with a candidate is something, that to me, shows that our movement and our families are getting a lot more support, and are going to be able to continue fighting for ourselves.”

Watch Astrid Silva’s interview with José Diaz-Balart below.