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On Senate Bill Text: “Most Important Letters Are the Ones Overhanging this Legislation: D.O.A.”

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Washington, DC The following is a statement from Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice, reacting to the introduction of the Senate immigration and border bill:

“When poring over the Senate bill text, the most important letters are the ones overhanging this legislation: D.O.A. 

Donald Trump and many other Republicans, particularly in the House, have already made clear their preference for immigration and the border as a political issue to run on, rather than an issue to be resolved. On immigration or almost any other issue of importance to Americans, Republicans are saying they will not allow any action if stoking fear and chaos can help Trump in the general election.

In our view, our immigration system requires a complete overhaul. Details matter and we’ll be examining the new bill closely, but here is our bottom line: a bill that prevents asylum seekers from seeking refuge, and does not include affirmative legislation for Dreamers and the undocumented is harmful and incomplete. The vast majority of Americans support immigrants and their role in building a stronger America. Our core values, economic needs, and national security interests are clamoring for real solutions. It is time for Congress to end the politicizing of this issue and get serious about fully fixing our immigration system so that it meets our economic needs and the needs of 21st-century migration.”