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ICYMI: Private Prisons Boom in Texas Under Trump Administration

Austin, TX – Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, private detention corporations like GEO Group have seen their profits skyrocket under Trump’s increased immigration enforcement tactics. As the Houston Chronicle outlines: “In the first three months of his presidency, at least 113,828 immigrants were locked up in 180 different facilities nationwide – a 10 percent increase over that period … Continue reading »

Private Prisons Are Making Millions By Helping to Deport Longtime Immigrant-Americans — And They’re Positively Gleeful About It

The mass deportation pipeline is real, and those who profit are hoping for an expansion The last time we wrote about the private prison industry, they were raking in profits hand over fist thanks to the increased number of immigrant detentions under the Trump Administration. The private prison company GEO Group had seen its stock … Continue reading »

Texas Senate Passes ‘Baby Jail’ Bill Written by Private Prison Corporation

 Apparently, the state of Texas is not yet done with legislation designed to wreak havoc on immigrants’ lives. Already this month, the legislature passed and the governor signed SB 4 into law, a draconian anti-immigrant will that will lead to more racial profiling, discrimination, and deportation. Now, the state Senate has passed SB 1018, which would … Continue reading »

Private Prison Industry Looks on Gleefully As Trump’s Mass Deportation Strategy Tears Apart Families & Hurts Economy

Donald Trump’s mass deportation of immigrants are tearing apart families and damaging the economy — but one group that’s benefiting is the private prison industry (and their investors). At the Daily Beast, Betsy Woodruff covered a shareholder call this week conducted by the GEO group, a private prison company that is being sued for human trafficking and … Continue reading »

Uncovered in Arizona: Private Prison Lobby Colludes With GOP Pols to Pass Anti-Immigration Law

As if the content and implications of Arizona’s “papers, please” anti-immigration and anti-Latino law were not offensive enough, a new investigative journalism report from National Public Radio adds a shocking and disturbing element to the story. According to NPR’s investigation, major private prison contractors were the architects and major financial backers of Arizona’s SB1070 legislation.