Three pieces today drive home the point that so-called “essential” workers – disproportionately immigrant and persons of color – are keeping our society functioning at a tremendous risk to their lives. In industries such as meat processing, these workers are being forced to continue working in hot-spots that lack basic protections for their safety. Thus… Continue »

This afternoon, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing examining legal liability for companies during the COVID-19 crisis – the  stated top priority of Republicans in the next CARES package. According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, “Instead of widespread testing, safe working conditions and meaningful protections for workers, Republicans are worried… Continue »

White House

Maribel Hastings and David Torres If one thing was obvious by the end of last week, it’s that COVID-19 does not discriminate, although the officials charged with confronting the pandemic do. It is an almost natural practice among those who have the power and, because of this fact, think or feel that they are immune… Continue »

Under the Trump administration, underfunded and inhumane ICE detention facilities have faced well-earned waves of criticism as reports have emerged indicating a lack of basic medical necessities and an ongoing failure to provide personal hygiene items like soap or toothpaste. Despite the pandemic leading to a renewed outcry from many immigrants and advocates demanding improved… Continue »

“That’s my dream: to make a difference in people’s lives,” she said. “I hope I can do it.” A Washington Post piece masterfully captures the all-too-familiar combination of “dreams and disbelief” that so many high-achieving DACAmented students face as Republicans in Congress and the White House continue to block passage of a bipartisan solution. Maria Sacchetti’s in-depth piece sets the… Continue »

In a new must-read piece, CNN’s Parija Kavilanz interviews a few of the many DACA-recipients, who – as doctors, nurses, and teachers – dedicate their lives to bettering our shared nation. Now, because of White House extremism and congressional inaction, they may lose their jobs and ability to fully contribute to their communities. According to Juan Escalante,… Continue »

At the Huffington Post this week is a story about Norma, a Dreamer who was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and PTSD after being undocumented in the U.S. for nearly her entire life. She’s far from the only immigrant who’s suffered adverse psychological consequences as a result of her status. Today on our blog, we published… Continue »

At the Huffington Post this week is the story of Norma, a Texas Dreamer who was brought to the U.S. when she was three years old, who married her high school sweetheart and was ten days away from becoming a U.S. citizen — when she had a breakdown, was arrested, and put on suicide watch.… Continue »

Austin, TX –  In a new piece, Roque Planas of HuffPost outlines the journey through anxiety, depression, PTSD–and towards recovery–of Norma Herrera, a formerly undocumented immigrant living in Texas. Growing up with the fear that she or her parents could be deported at any moment profoundly affected Norma’s mental health.  Even after she became a legal permanent resident,… Continue »

Donald Trump, as part of his white nationalist agenda, wants to kick immigrants already in the country out and keep future immigrants from coming in. As Reuters originally reported this month, he’s not above punishing children and families to do it, by threatening their ability to stay in the U.S. if they sign up for… Continue »