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Changing Demographics

California’s Senate Race Shows How The Ghost Of Prop. 187 Continues To Haunt Republicans

In the race to replace retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer, California Republicans have been shut out of a spot on the fall ballot “for the first time since the state’s first direct election of Senators in 1914.” Under state rules, the top two finishers win spots on the fall ballot regardless of their party affiliation. While … Continue reading »

“This Country Is A Country For All”: Housekeepers, Cooks Travel Thousands Of Miles To Help Naturalize Nevada Immigrants

Housekeepers and cooks from around the country have trekked thousands of miles to assist UNITE HERE’s Culinary Union in naturalizing over 1,700 Nevada immigrants. “From March to May, the Union hosted four citizenship fairs in Clark County to assist these new immigrant voters with their applications,” according to a new video highlighting the efforts. “It was … Continue reading »

New Guardian Piece: Latino Voters Have Opportunity To Drive “Trump Out Of Politics With His Tail Between His Legs”

In a must-read opinion piece from The Guardian, Sabrina Vourvoulias writes that the very group Donald Trump has insulted on his way to the GOP nomination could also be responsible for putting up a wall between him and the White House. As Vourvoulias argues in “Donald Trump’s kryptonite: millions of active – and furious – Latino voters,” if Latinos turn … Continue reading »

New Latino Decisions Polling on Eve of Supreme Court Case: Latino Voters Will Punish the GOP for Opposing Executive Action and Reward the Democrats for Defending it

With the U.S. Supreme Court set to hear oral arguments in the U.S. v Texas immigration executive action case on Monday, new nationwide polling of Latino voters underscores the political stakes of the Republican backlash against DACA and DAPA. Conducted by Latino Decisions on behalf of America’s Voice, the full results, as well as statewide results from Colorado, Florida, … Continue reading »

As Trump Marches Toward GOP Nomination, He Will Face Fierce Demographic Headwinds and Mobilized Latino, APIA Voters in November

Highly Doubtful Trump Can Overcome the Twin Obstacles of Shrinking Voting Power of White Males and the Growing Voting Power of Latinos,  Asian-Americans As Donald Trump edges closer to the Republican nomination, a number of commentators are pointing to his strong support from white working class male voters. Some suggest his appeal will put in … Continue reading »

MSNBC’s José Díaz-Balart Discusses Last Night’s Democratic Town Hall And The Rapidly Changing Face Of America

Immigration dominated last night’s MSNBC/Telemundo Democratic town hall, the final major event featuring Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders before Nevada’s Democratic caucus on Saturday. Latino voters in the state are heavily expected to influence Saturday’s results. Nevada is a case study in how rapidly-changing demographics can help reshape the nation’s political discussion, with both Clinton … Continue reading »

Will Latino Motivation To Rout GOP Be Undermined By Obama Immigration Raids?

Andres Oppenheimer: GOP Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Alienating Latinos and Threatening Republicans’ Chances Kerry Eleveld: Home Raids Against Central American Refugees Could Give GOP “An Escape Route by Driving Down Participation” Among Latino & Immigrant Voters With immigration center stage in the 2016 presidential cycle, one of the most important questions in assessing the 2016 election cycle … Continue reading »

“We Want To Have A Voice”: Latino And Asian Immigrants Are Turning Out For Naturalization Efforts

A host of Latino, Asian, immigrant, and labor rights groups have launched naturalization drives aimed at permanent residents eligible for citizenship — and the images from these workshops and outreach efforts have been absolutely inspiring. Some of the inspiration for getting Latino and immigrant voters out to naturalize and vote has been to fight back against the … Continue reading »

Rise in GOP Anti-Immigrant Policy & Rhetoric on Wrong Side of Three Key Trendlines

As GOP Anti-Immigrant Politics Ratchets Up: Number of Undocumented Immigrants Declines; Latino Opinion of GOP Tanks; and Number of Latino Voters Rises One of the dominant storylines of the Republicans’ 2016 presidential primary campaign has been the ascendance of anti-immigrant policy and rhetoric. Donald Trump’s attempt to mainstream hate and racism toward at Mexicans, Muslims and the … Continue reading »

ICYMI: How Trump-Style Politics Turned California Into a Blue State

With General Elections Around the Corner, Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal Explains Why California Remains a Cautionary Tale for the GOP As Donald Trump and Ted Cruz continue to argue over who’s the biggest anti-immigrant demagogue in the GOP field, Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal offers a fresh reminder of what’s at stake … Continue reading »