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“This Country Is A Country For All”: Housekeepers, Cooks Travel Thousands Of Miles To Help Naturalize Nevada Immigrants

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Housekeepers and cooks from around the country have trekked thousands of miles to assist UNITE HERE’s Culinary Union in naturalizing over 1,700 Nevada immigrants.

“From March to May, the Union hosted four citizenship fairs in Clark County to assist these new immigrant voters with their applications,” according to a new video highlighting the efforts.

“It was the largest naturalization drive of its kind nationwide executed in a three-month period this year.”

“Workers came from cities as far away as Washington, D.C., New York and Boston and spoke to over 13,000 casino and hotel employees about the benefits of naturalization.”

“We’re here to help change the lives of all immigrants, fighting for their papers, their citizenship, and the future of their families,” said Miriam, a housekeeper who traveled from New Jersey to help with the drives.

“So that there isn’t so much discrimination, so much racism, so much hate. For them to respect that we are all equals, and that this country isn’t a country for just one kind of person. This country is a country for all.”

Advocates from around the country have noted a surge in naturalizations and voter registration from Latinos and immigrants, who have been a prime target of the nativist campaign of Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President.

“We’re very interested in helping them become citizens because of the situation we are going through,” said Carmela, a kitchen worker from Las Vegas.