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Changing Demographics

GOP Hostility Toward Immigration Reform & Latino Voters At Odds with Demographic Realities

Margaret Talbot of The New Yorker: “Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Sloganeering And His Rivals’ Scramble To Keep Up With It Won’t Be Easy To Forget” One year out from the 2016 general election, the Republican Party has a problem with Latino voters that threatens to make its historically-poor showing with Latinos in 2012 look quaint. In a … Continue reading »

Republicans Have A New Latino Outreach Strategy: Don’t Reach Out To Latinos At All

  It looks like Republicans have a new strategy to improve on Mitt Romney’s dismal 23% Latino voter turnout from 2012: Cancelling the only GOP debate scheduled to air on Spanish-language television. Upset over perceived “gotcha” questions from moderators during last week’s CNBC debate, the RNC has suspended its relationship with NBC News and, for … Continue reading »

Eva Longoria, Latino Victory Project Call On Latinos To Combat Ugly Rhetoric By Sharing Their Family Stories

Actor and activist Eva Longoria is the latest in a string of high-profile Latinos to fight back against the toxic, anti-immigrant and anti-Latino rhetoric from Republican Presidential candidates — and she bringing some back-up, too. The Latino Victory Project co-founder is calling on Latinos and immigrants to submit their personal, family stories for the “Firsts Campaign,” … Continue reading »

New Campaign From LA Mayor’s Office Could Help 350,000 Angelenos Become U.S. Citizens

As nationwide efforts marking Citizenship Day kicked off yesterday — including a new White House initiative to reach out to the nearly nine million permanent US residents who are eligible for citizenship — LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s new campaign could help hundreds of thousands of LA immigrants become citizens. As part of the “Step Forward” … Continue reading »

As Anti-Latino Sentiment Brews, Is MSNBC Planning To Cut Its Only Latino Anchor?

MSNBC is making changes to its morning lineup, and Latinos have plenty of reason to be concerned. Two weeks ago, Mediaite reported on how the cable news network would seek to reshuffle its morning programming in order to expand “Morning Joe,” hosted by former Republican Representative Joe Scarborough, to a four hour block in preparation … Continue reading »

It Might Be A Little Late For That, Reince: RNC Chair Warns GOP Candidates About Alienating Latino Voters

On Sunday, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus warned GOP Presidential candidates to “proceed with caution” and avoid a tone that could alienate Latino and immigrant voters. Ya think it might be a little late for that, Reince? From CNN: “The way you communicate and tone is very important, and sometimes it’s not what you say, but … Continue reading »

Republican Blues In California And With Latinos Won’t Be Solved By Changes In Tone Or Empty Invocations Of Reagan

Ahead of a busy political week, here are a few of the key developments and takeaways surrounding the politics of immigration, an issue that continues to play a dominant role in the Republican presidential campaign. Sorry Reince, Policy Matters:  On Sunday, Jake Tapper of CNN asked RNC Chairman Reince Priebusif the GOP should be worried about … Continue reading »

Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Thalia, Santana To Record Anti-Trump “We’re All Mexican” Song

When it comes to Latin@ superstars, you really can’t get any bigger than this. From Billboard: Grammy-winning producer Emilio Estefan has enlisted an all-star small army of famous friends — including Shakira, Carlos Santana, Thalia, Pepe Aguilar and his wife, singer Gloria Estefan — to combat the spate of anti-Mexican rhetoric that Donald Trump sparked earlier this summer.  Estefan, 62, tells Billboard exclusively that, after listening to a TV talking head make … Continue reading »

From “Dog Whistle” to “Dog Siren”

GOP Worries About Trump’s Racial Appeals Backfiring in 2016  An article from Jonathan Martin in the New York Times, entitled “Republicans Fear Donald Trump Is Hardening Party’s Tone on Race,” highlights Republicans’ increased worries that Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric and radical proposals will hurt the GOP’s electoral prospects in a changing America.  This alarm is growing more … Continue reading »

The RNC Got Trump To Sign Their Loyalty Pledge. Now The Party Owns Him And His Racist, Anti-Immigrant Positions

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus trekked to Trump Tower yesterday to secure a “loyalty pledge” from the current GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump. Priebus got what he wanted. Trump promised he won’t run as a third-party candidate if he loses and that he’ll support whoever ends up winning the Republican Presidential nomination. All other GOP candidates have … Continue reading »