More and more observers are recognizing the essential role that farmworkers play in keeping food on America’s tables and the essential role that immigrants play in the farmworker workforce and agricultural industry. Yet as this recognition grows, the Trump administration is disconcertingly seeking to slash wages for farmworkers and... Continuar »
As observers highlight the essential contributions of frontline immigrant workers such as farmworkers, the sad irony is that many of these same immigrant workers are risking their own health to keep our food supply functioning while being mostly excluded from policymakers’ efforts to ensure healthcare access and stimulate and... Continuar »
From agricultural workers to healthcare professionals, immigrant workers are again proving themselves as an indispensable, skilled part of our national effort to combat and contain COVID-19 – despite ongoing anxieties over their immigration status and being largely excluded from economic stimulus and stabilization efforts thus far. But as Wall... Continuar »
More Recognition of Essential Contributions of Immigrants in Our Time of Crisis More observers and leading voices are recognizing that immigrants’ contributions to Covid-19 response and containment efforts are essential. We’re all in this fight together and all of us should be grateful for immigrants at this moment. Among... Continuar »
Reminders that Immigrant Farmworkers Are Helping All of Us  Public health experts are clear that all of us in America need to come together and support each other at this time. All of us means all of us. Across many industries and many sectors, often overlooked workers from all... Continuar »
Trump Keeps Eye on Fall Election; Bashing Immigrants Central to His Plan As the lethal COVID-19 crisis spreads, more Americans are beginning to recognize the essential role immigrant workers play in our response. They are critical to the work of growing and distributing our food, cleaning hot spots, and... Continuar »
Immigrants continue to prove that they play a crucial role in supporting our economy, our public health and our society as a whole as our national capacity is stretched to respond to this once in a century crisis. As we have previously highlighted, the United States relies on immigrants... Continuar »
Florida Immigrants Protest at the State Capitol in Tallahassee
On the Front Line of Virtually Every Indispensable Sector of Our Economy Immigrants always play an essential role in our economy and society. But during the COVID-19 pandemic containment and response effort, immigrants’ contributions are ever more indispensable. Below are excerpts of voices, findings and commentary exposing the fact... Continuar »
Many of us are being advised to isolate at home during this pandemic, but that simply isn’t an option for many farm workers, medical care professionals, truck drivers, janitorial staff, domestic workers, and many others. These workers, many of whom are immigrants, are keeping our health care services and... Continuar »
“This is a bill that will grant full rights and responsibilities to hundreds of thousands of hard-working immigrants and their families” Today, the House approved the Farm Workforce Modernization Act (H.R. 5038), a bipartisan bill to put hundreds of thousands of farmworkers on a path to citizenship. The bill... Continuar »