You can listen to a recording of the call here Earlier today, advocates gathered on a call to give their takes on the major developments regarding immigration policy. In particular, speakers addressed their hopes for and support of the Dream & Promise Act and the Farm Workforce Modernization Act,... Continuar »
131,000 TPS Holders from El Salvador, Haiti, and Honduras are on the frontlines battling COVID-19 In a week that saw the reintroduction of two critical pieces of immigration legislation, the American Dream and Promise Act and the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, it bears remembering that so many Temporary Protected... Continuar »
“Americans want to legalize millions of immigrants who are here helping to keep America safe and strong. The nativist GOP wants to stop America from legalizing millions by minimizing Trump’s cruelty and exaggerating what’s happening at the border.” The American people are ready for decisive action to put undocumented... Continuar »
Introduction of “Dream and Promise Act” and “Farm Workforce Modernization Act” Builds Momentum   The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, in response to the introduction of two critical pieces of immigration legislation, the American Dream and Promise Act and the Farm Workforce... Continuar »
Last night, the Dream & Promise Act and the Farm Workforce Modernization Act were reintroduced to Congress. These bills would put millions on a pathway to citizenship and are an important step in the overall goal of obtaining status for the 11 million undocumented workers who have made the... Continuar »
From Farm Labor to Hospital Caregivers, to Doctors and Inventors, Immigrants Make America Great  In fields, meatpacking plants, labs, vaccine testing facilities, hospitals, grocery stores and communities all across the country, immigrants are keeping us fed, keeping us safe, and keeping us going. This despite being targeted by an... Continuar »
A Washington Post investigative story about a Postville, IA meatpacking plant Agri Star exposes the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on frontline workers, many of them immigrants.   The story reveals that too many policymakers and business owners seem callous at best and engaged in dangerous disinformation at worst. The company... Continuar »
A recording of the call is available here   Earlier today, experts and activists gathered on a call to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on frontline workers critical to the food supply chain. The closing of Smithfield’s pork processing plant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota has put a spotlight... Continuar »
The tale of two governors captures where we are in America as we confront the coronavirus crisis.  From day one, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) has been assertive, bold, and successful in saving tens of thousands of lives. Yesterday, he kept at it, announcing a $125 million public-private fund to... Continuar »
  By jeopardizing immigrant security, he jeopardizes American food security Yesterday we learned of a major South Dakota meatpacking plant closing down due to an outbreak of infections among the workers. Just like that, 5% of the nation’s pork supply was gone. This comes on top of the agricultural industry... Continuar »