America’s Voice   Texas Driving Larger GOP Push Against Alternatives to Border Chaos “Openly Hostile,” “State of Emergency Every Single Day”: More National and State Groups Issue Advisories Warning Against Travel To Florida Anti-immigrant intolerance doesn’t learn from its mistakes English El Semanario (CO, NM) With the End of... Continue »
When migrants are all too frequently framed as faceless numbers, it’s necessary to have a reminder that we are talking about human beings who have overcome grueling circumstances and oftentimes survived perilous journeys to reach the U.S. A new series from Maine’s Portland Press Herald is shining an important... Continue »
America’s Voice   Vanessa Cárdenas sobre el lanzamiento de la campaña presidencial de Ron DeSantis Vanessa Cárdenas on the Ron DeSantis Presidential Launch La intolerancia antiinmigrante no aprende de sus errores “I Have Hope”: In States Like Maine, Asylum-Seekers are Building New Lives, and Rebuilding a Shrinking Workforce English... Continue »
English Border Report Migrant advocates question death of 8-year-old girl in CBP custody in South Texas By Sandra Sanchez May 22, 2023 Common Dreams Campaign Demands Justice for 8-Year-Old Girl Who Died in US Border Patrol Custody By Brett Wilkins May 22, 2023 Los Angeles Times ‘We want to... Continue »
A recent arrest by federal law enforcement officials highlights the continued danger around the mainstreaming of white supremacist ideology, particularly in the state of Texas, which was already the site of a hate-related terror attack in 2019 and what appears to be a mass murder steeped in white supremacist... Continue »
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If Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s message at his expected 2024 presidential campaign announcement next week is that he’ll run the nation the way he’s run his state, that should be some major cause for worry. Just look at some of the local and national headlines that have continued on... Continue »
Week of May 15, 2023 THREE OPPOSITION MESSAGES FROM THE WEEK Zero-sum politics with migrants set against schools and veterans: This week, right-wing outlets ran a headline story about 20 houseless veterans who were allegedly kicked out of a hotel to make space for asylum seekers in upstate New... Continue »
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On May 11, Republicans passed H.R. 2, which opponents labeled  the Child Deportation Act. Just two Republicans joined every Democrat who voted in opposing the legislation. Republican House members in tough battleground districts and those who hold themselves out as so-called sensible moderates on the issue delivered critical support... Continue »