Mitchell Soto-Rodriguez, the first DACA recipient to be sworn in as a police officer in Illinois’ Blue Island community, was among voices calling for permanent relief for young undocumented immigrants during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday. While the program has allowed her to pursue her professional dreams... Continue »
English La Opinion Estados Unidos destina $578 millones más a Latinoamérica para detener inmigración irregular By Jesus Garcia May 07, 2024 La Opinion Anuncio de Biden les recuerda a los latinos que Trump detonó la separación de familias inmigrantes By Evaristo Lara May 07, 2024 La Opinion EE.UU. amplía... Continue »
On this day in May 2018, then-U.S. Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III stepped in front of cameras and assembled press to formally announce that it would be the official policy of the United States to tear children, including nursing infants and toddlers, from the arms of parents seeking... Continue »
Written by Gladis Garcia  Photo: From left to right: me, my mom, my younger brother Diego, and my older brother Carlos Both of my parents grew up poverty-stricken. My father grew up in a small village called Boquin, with extremely hot weather and nothing but dry land. He was... Continue »
English El Tiempo Latino El Square Hotel de Broadway fue convertido en un refugio para inmigrantes May 06, 2024 El Tiempo Latino EEUU y Guatemala discutirán nuevas medidas migratorias May 06, 2024 La Opinion Biden celebra Cinco de Mayo con frase “Somos una nación de inmigrantes” y critica planes... Continue »
United Farm Workers (UFW) President Teresa Romero was among 19 Americans who were honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Biden at the White House on Friday. The award is the nation’s highest civilian honor and is presented “to individuals who have made exemplary contributions to the... Continue »
The overwhelming majority of undocumented immigrant youth who graduated from high school in 2023 can’t apply for protections under the DACA program and are at risk of missing out on the same professional and educational opportunities available to their U.S.-born peers, The Nation reports. “Around 80 percent of the... Continue »
English Univision Un cambio en la inmigración a EEUU: cómo países de Latinoamérica han ido desplazando en proporción a México By Patricia Clarembaux May 04, 2024 El Tiempo Latino Medida antiinmigrante en Denver: la ciudad no ofrecerá alojamiento y comida gratis a inmigrantes indocumentados May 03, 2024 El Tiempo... Continue »
English Telemundo AMLO es cuestionado sobre el tema migratorio y acepta que México no podrá resolverlo solo May 03, 2024 Telemundo La Guardia Nacional de Texas ignora súplicas de migrantes en medio de ataque May 03, 2024 Telemundo Los dreamers tendrán acceso al seguro médico de ‘Obamacare’ a costo... Continue »
The Alabama legislature is advancing Texas-style legislation that threatens communities by empowering local law enforcement to arrest and detain anyone they suspect to be an undocumented immigrant. Civil rights advocates in the state have called H.B. 376 “inhumane” and “unnecessary,” and warned that it’s “putting Alabama communities at greater... Continue »