As the U.S. Supreme Court today hears arguments about the potential addition of a new citizenship question to the U.S. Census, a new Washington Post piece summarizing relevant political science research underscores the harms that would result. Writing for the “Monkey Cage” political science section of the Washington Post,... Continue »
What is the census? The census is a count of the total population of the United States as mandated by the Constitution. It is taken every ten years and conducted by the nonpartisan U.S. Census Bureau. The census counts every person regardless of age or immigration status to determine... Continue »
Philip Bump of the Washington Post: “New Emails Reveal a Central Political Motivation for Changing the Census” There’s never been any doubt about the true motivations behind the Trump Administration’s push to add a new Census question on citizenship. It’s a transparent attempt to intimidate immigrants to lower response... Continue »
The following is a blog post from Jeanine T. Winfrey, Esq., Director of Immigration Counseling Services in the Vineyard Community Center of Westerville, Ohio. Read more about the 2020 census and why a citizenship question will decrease participation rates and lead to unfair results here. 1. Every person living... Continue »
In big news this week, the Trump Administration announced that it would be adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census — which advocates denounced as a terrible idea for a multitude of reasons. The Constitution requires that every person living in the U.S. be counted every ten years,... Continue »
Since news broke that the Trump Administration was seeking to add a new citizenship question to the 2020 Census, we strongly suspected that the move part of the Trumpian strategy to undermine the political power and of diverse communities across America. Now, there can be no doubt. Yesterday, the... Continue »
Juan Escalante, DACA recipient and Communications Manager of America’s Voice, just posted his bi-weekly column in Huffington Post. It gives his perspective on how the Trump Administration’s addition of a citizenship status question to the census should alarm Americans across the nation. Read excerpts from Juan’s piece below and... Continue »
In response to the Trump Administration’s announcement that a citizenship question will be added to the Census, immigrants and their allies have responded forcefully. They argue that asking about citizenship status will drive down participation and undermine the constitutional aim of the Census to count all residents in the United States.... Continue »
Frank Sharry: “If it involves suppressing the vote, dehumanizing immigrants and violating the Constitution, Kris Kobach can’t be far behind” Yesterday, the Kansas City Star reported that none other than Kris Kobach is taking credit for the addition of a “citizenship question” to the census: Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach... Continue »
Austin, TX – The U.S. Department of Commerce announced yesterday that the 2020 U.S. Census will include a question on citizenship, and combined with the implementation of the anti-immigrant law SB4, could drive immigrants in Texas further into the shadows and further from being counted in their community. As... Continue »