This past weekend, indicted former President Donald Trump won the South Carolina GOP primary by predictably defeating Gov. Nikki Haley in her home state but by a smaller margin than expected: 59.8% to 39.5%. CNN exit polling of the race provided some insights into the divide between the hard-core... Continue »
English CNN Preguntas sobre inmigración y crimen en Estados Unidos, respondidas por criminólogos By Catherine E. Shoichet February 26, 2024 Associated Press y Al Dia Dallas Nueva postura firme de Biden sobre la migración gusta a los más conservadores By Adriana Gomez Licon February 27, 2024 Univision y EFE... Continue »
Last weekend, CPAC held its marquee annual convention in the Washington DC suburbs, which provided a clear snapshot of the GOP messaging heading into the next election. A telling NBC News headline captured the Republican Party in 2024: “Nazis mingle openly at CPAC, spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories and finding... Continue »
English Telemundo Javier Milei agradece en persona a Donald Trump por su apoyo February 24, 2024 La Opinion Migrante de 17 años fue apuñalado durante una pelea con decenas de personas en Nueva York By Erika Hernandez February 25, 2024 La Opinion La Patrulla Fronteriza liberó a cientos de... Continue »
If you want to watch the House GOP’s latest video on the issue of immigration, make your way to the conspiracy theory-riddled alternative to YouTube. House Judiciary Republicans uploaded a video featuring Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-TX) speaking about the so-called “border crisis” to Rumble, a Peter Thiel-backed video platform... Continue »
English Wall Street Journal Biden Executive Actions on Border Would Face Steep Legal, Political Hurdles By Michelle Hackman and Tarini Parti February 22, 2024 Punchbowl Schumer arrives in Ukraine By Andrew Desiderio February 23, 2024 The Hill Immigration world and progressives warn Biden against reported asylum crackdown By Rafael... Continue »
The Republican Party has fully embraced the white nationalist and antisemitic invasion and replacement conspiracy to describe immigration and the border – a racist fiction that has inspired multiple terrorist attacks and actively threatens our democracy. Over the last several years, this deadly racist conspiracy that non-whites are plotting to... Continue »
English CNN Gov. Greg Abbott’s border tactics force Democrats to confront migrant crisis in their own backyards By Priscilla Alvarez and Eric Bradner February 22, 2024 CBS Biden weighs invoking executive authority to stage border crackdown ahead of 2024 election By Camilo Montoya-Galvez February 21, 2024 AP The White... Continue »
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In a chilling escalation against faith-based organizations and volunteers who carry out their scriptural mandate to “welcome the stranger,” corrupt Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is seeking to shut down an El Paso group that has for years been critical in aiding newly arrived migrants and asylum seekers. Since... Continue »
The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the annual gathering of conservative officials and activists, will hold its conference this week in the Washington, D.C area. While not the event it once was, CPAC still provides a window into the GOP. Where they once attempted to keep the ugly nativism... Continue »