Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been among the loudest — and worst — of anti-immigrant demagogues. He’s more than suggested the Biden administration is to blame for smuggling incidents, just this month tweeting that “he cartel human trafficking business is exploding.” Further inflammatory remarks have been false claims that... Continue »
America’s Voice   Sen. Menendez Outlines Immigration and Border Solutions as House GOP Descends Further Down Anti-Immigrant Rabbit Hole Ted Cruz And His Chorus of Cronies Contribute a Lucrative Market for Cartels by Falsely Blaring The “Borders Are Open” English New York Times Senior Democrat Urges Executive Actions From... Continue »
This month marks one year since Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott launched a costly and inhumane stunt busing what would eventually number thousands of newly-arrived migrants processed and released by U.S. immigration officials. Abbott initially targeted Washington, D.C., then expanded his cruelty to Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia and... Continue »
On March 10, 2023, Texas state Rep. Matt Schaefer, a Republican from Tyler, introduced HB20, a piece of legislation that would give Texas Governor Greg Abbott unprecedented power and would further militarize border communities. It is moving through the Texas legislature now. HB20 would create a separate unit within... Continue »
America’s Voice   Greg Abbott’s Anti-Immigrant Busing Showed The Worst Of Republicans – And The Best Of Our Local Communities Point of Consensus: Strong Majority of American Public Supports Immigration Policy Solutions Backed By Democrats, Blocked By GOP Gov. Abbott Looks to Militarize the Border With A New Anti-Immigrant... Continue »
Most of the Republican Members of the House Homeland Security Committee have amplified white nationalist “invasion” and “replacement” conspiracy theories over the last few years. Their rhetoric is inexorably tied to the “Great Replacement Theory” and multiple domestic terrorist attacks that have claimed the lives of dozens of Americans... Continue »
English The New York Times Biden Will Expand Health Care Access for DACA Immigrants By Zolan Kanno-Youngs April 13, 2023 The Guardian ‘He feels unstoppable’: DeSantis plans to export his chilling immigration policies to the nation By Richard Luscombe April 14, 2023 ABC News Biden admin pauses asylum processing... Continue »
Immigrant, racial justice, and LGBTQ advocates in Florida are warning people to stay away from the state due to the onslaught of hateful laws and proposals pushed by Governor Ron DeSantis and the Republican-controlled state legislature, harkening back to similar warnings issued in the wake of Arizona’s notorious “papers,... Continue »
Republican Yvette Herrell announced in early April that she would seek a rematch against Rep. Gabe Vasquez for the battleground New Mexico 2nd Congressional District, an expansive district that runs the full length of New Mexico’s border with Mexico. More than a year out from the primary, Herrell has... Continue »
America’s Voice   America’s Voice celebra la expansión de elegibilidad de la Ley de Seguro Médico Asequible para los beneficiarios de DACA Traveling to Florida Is Dangerous, Immigrant and Civil Rights Advocates Warn In Advisories America’s Voice Celebrates Expansion of ACA Eligibility for DACA Recipients White Nationalist Conspiracy Promoter... Continue »