Laurene Powell, the widow of Apple’s Steve Jobs and a longtime supporter of the DREAM Act, launched a new website this week that calls on Congress to pass immigration reform for young aspiring Americans.  Called, the site features videos of DREAMers discussing how their lives would be better with... Continue »
A range of new polls offer fresh evidence that Americans want immigration reform with citizenship, while providing another reminder of the momentum behind immigration reform in 2013: Bipartisan Poll from Hart Research and Public Opinion Strategies – Overwhelming Support for Citizenship and Likely Legislative Framework: As Eliseo Medina of... Continue »
Huffington Post (Blog): Bipartisan Poll Shows Huge Support for Immigration Reform With a Roadmap to Citizenship By Eliseo Medina January 22, 2013 Associated Press: Poll: Many say let illegal immigrants stay in US By Erica Werner and Dennis Junius January 22, 2013 CNN: TRENDING: CNN Poll: Do Americans agree... Continue »
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has just identified immigration as the top legislative priority for the Senate in 2013—and that’s just the latest sign that immigration reform will happen this year.  Here are more signs–bipartisan signs–from the last few days: President Obama highlighted immigration as an issue to tackle... Continue »
The U.S. Senate reconvened today and issued a list of their 2013 legislative priorities.  Immigration reform is listed as S.1, signifying its importance to Senate leadership. According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund: Majority Leader Reid has made it clear – in his public statements... Continue »
Since the 2012 election, the Latino vote and how their influence dominated the ballot box has become a national headline, which is why PARADE Magazine has just announced that throughout 2013, they’ll be exploring the various and diverse ways Latinos are reshaping America.  After all, as Parade put it:... Continue »
Last week, we learned that since President Obama announced the deferred action (DACA) program last June, 154,404  eligible DREAMers have made it through the process and been approved. Via Univision: To date, 154,404 young undocumented immigrants have been approved for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an Obama administration program... Continue »
ABC/Univision: Majority Backs Legal Status for Undocumented Immigrants in New Poll By Jordan Fabian January 18, 2013 Washington Post: More Republicans start calling for immigration changes By David Nakamura January 18, 2013 Arizona Republic: Ariz. governor softens tone on immigration January 21, 2013 ABC/Univision: 7 Numbers That Tell the... Continue »
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has established himself as a champion of immigration reform–and he reaffirmed his commitment to real reform this week while talking to reporters in his home state of Nevada: “There will be nothing done in my Senate (on immigration reform) without a pathway to citizenship,”... Continue »
A solid majority of U.S. voters favor common sense immigration reform that includes a path to earned citizenship for current undocumented immigrants, and strong accountability measures, according to a groundbreaking, bipartisan poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, a Republican polling firm, and Hart Research Associates, a Democratic firm. The national survey... Continue »