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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, June 4, 2013

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ABC/Univision: Jeff Sessions Wants to Single-Handedly Crush Immigration Reform
By Jordan Fabian

Washington Post (Blog): Immigration reform will ease that entitlements “crisis” we keep hearing about
By Greg Sargent

National Review (Blog): On Immigration, It’s ‘Reformers Versus Racists’
By Ian Tuttle

Salon: Democrats’ deal-making fetish will backfire
By Joan Walsh


Roll Call: Immigration Fight Faces Amendment Gantlet
By Meredith Shiner

US News and World Report: Why Marco Rubio Has to Have it Both Ways on Immigration Reform
By Lauren Fox

Politico (Playbook): SIREN – Rubio Says Immigration Bill Must Be Improved to Pass

ABC/Univision: 6 Senate Republicans Who Could Vote for Immigration Reform
By Ted Hesson

Washington Post: House Republicans broken into fighting factions
By Paul Kane

The Atlantic: How Senator Lautenberg’s Death Makes the Senate Even Less Functional
By Philip Bump

Miami Herald (Editorial): Closer to reform

Tallahassee Democrat (Opinion): Don’t fall for the false choices on immigration
By Richard Trumka and Simone Campbell


Salt Lake Tribune: Utah mayors, from cities to the sticks, urge immigration reform
By Derek Jensen

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Opinion): Time for comprehensive immigration reform
By Ed Lump