English Politico Tillis: Senate border talks yield ‘good progress’ on asylum, impasse on parole By Burgess Everett November 27, 2023 NBC News Congress unlikely to include a pathway to citizenship in its border deal By Kate Santaliz, Frank Thorp V and Zoë Richards November 27, 2023 Punchbowl News on... Continue »
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English NBC News Voters want control of the border, but do they want Trump immigrant roundups and detention camps? By Suzanne Gamboa November 26, 2023 Rio Grande Guardian Lopez: Biden Administration will not come to the aid of immigrants arrested under SB 4 By MARIO MUÑOZ AND STEVE TAYLOR... Continue »
English NPR A record number of asylum seekers are cycling through a small California border town By Jasmine Garsd November 20, 2023 Connecticut Public Radio Immigration advocate says GOP wants to tie ‘galling’ asylum changes to federal budget negotiations By Lori Mack November 20, 2023 St Louis Dispatch Recent... Continue »
English The Hill Hispanics warn of dangerous trap in Ukraine-for-border talks By Rafael Bernal November 18, 2023 The Washington Post Latino backlash grows over Donald Trump’s friendly Univision interview By Michael Scherer November 18, 2023 The Dallas Morning News Abbott endorses Trump at border amid uproar over plans for... Continue »
English Politico Tough border negotiations endanger Ukraine aid By BURGESS EVERETT November 16, 2023 Washington Post ‘Signs of life’ on longshot Senate border deal By Leigh Ann Caldwell and Theodoric Meyer November 16, 2023 AP Biden and Mexico’s leader will meet in California. Fentanyl, migrants and Cuba are on... Continue »
English AP House pushes off impeachment of Homeland Secretary Mayorkas for handling of southern border By Stephen Groves November 13, 2023 New York Times House Blocks Snap Mayorkas Impeachment Vote as Inquiry Continues By Luke Broadwater November 13, 2023 Axios House votes against impeaching DHS Secretary Mayorkas By Andrew... Continue »
English The Washington Times Marjorie Taylor Greene makes case for impeaching DHS chief Mayorkas By Stephen Dinan November 12, 2023 Baptist News Global Immigration advocates furious with Biden administration and House Republicans By Jeff Brumley November 10, 2023 The Hill Border fight in Senate raises risks for passage of... Continue »
English Latino Los Ángeles The immigration issue’s vicious circle has to be broken By Maribel Hastings and David Torres November 09, 2023 The Hill Faith-based groups call to stop deportations to the Democratic Republic of the Congo By Rafael Bernal November 9, 2023 Politico Trouble ’round the bend By... Continue »
English El Semanario (CO, NM) Mike Johnson, the New Chess Piece in Former President’s Anti Immigrant Political Game By Maribel Hastings and David Torres November 09, 2023 New York Times Congressional Split on Immigration Hangs Over Year-End Spending Fights By Karoun Demirjian November 08, 2023 Politico Bipartisan Senate group... Continue »
English Border Report GOP Senate border security plan tied to Ukraine aid sends wrong message, opponents say By Sandra Sanchez November 08, 2023 Politico EXCLUSIVE: IMMIGRATION GROUPS DRAW RED LINE ON BORDER POLICIE By Daniella Diaz November 08, 2023 New York Times A New Answer for Migrants in Central... Continue »