It’s been a busy week on immigration, with President Obama delivering an immigration speech yesterday, following the unveiling of bipartisan Senate principles on Monday.  The nation’s leading editorial pages have been following this issue for years, and are weighing in with optimism that the stalemate in Washington may finally clear this year.  They... Continue »
Huffington Post: John McCain, Chuck Schumer On Immigration Bill: We Want 80 Votes By Elise Foley January 30, 2013 La Opinión (Editorial) The path to citizenship January 29, 2013 Washington Post(Blog): Immigration reform: Five places where Obama and the Senate agree By Ezra Klein January 29, 2013 Washington Post... Continue »
The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund, reacting to today’s immigration speech from President Obama: President Obama today provided another reminder why we are optimistic about immigration reform in 2013.  During the President’s speech, he laid down a clear and important... Continue »
Courtesy of Washington Post:  PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you. (APPLAUSE) Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. (APPLAUSE) Thank you. It is good to be back in Las Vegas. (APPLAUSE) And it is good to be among so many good friends. Let — let me start off by thanking... Continue »
There’s been an enormous amount of commentary reflecting on yesterday’s release of bipartisan principles for immigration reform from a Gang of 8 Senators, and previewing President Obama’s speech on immigration later today. Here’s a roundup: The New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal editorial boards agree that... Continue »
Cross-posted at USA Today: If immigration reform is to succeed, Congress needs to create a road map to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants who want to be full-fledged Americans. That road map should consist of: Reasonable requirements. Immigrants must pass background checks, pay taxes, study English and be... Continue »
USA Today (Opposing View): 8 years is enough to wait for citizenship By Frank Sharry January 28, 2013 Washington Post: Obama to announce his immigration reform plan, said to be more liberal than Senate effort By David Nakamura and Rosalind Helderman January 29, 2013 Politico: John Boehner mum on... Continue »
In advance of the official release of a bipartisan set of principles on immigration reform from a group of Senators, leaders of civil rights, labor, and immigration groups gathered together in Washington today to call on President Obama and Congress to enact immigration reform with a roadmap to citizenship... Continue »