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Must Read Immigration Articles and Posts: February 14, 2013


Yesterday’s hearing on immigration reform in the Senate Judiciary Committee dominated the coverage. The testimony from Jose Antonio Vargas generated a lot of attention.  The four Democratic Senators in the “Gang of Eight” met with President Obama last night. And, there’s a lot of discussion about the GOP and immigration reform — lots of efforts underway to mend fences. But, read to the end and you’ll find advice to the GOP on immigration from one of the leading anti-immigrant members of Congress, Lamar Smith (R-TX).

Here’s some of the coverage:

NBC Latino by Adrian Carrasquillo: Senate hearing on immigration reform touches on human cost of the debate

New York Times by Ashley Parker: Senate Panel Tackles Immigration

Talking Points Memo by Benjy Sarlin: Jose Antonio Vargas: ‘What Do You Want To Do With Me?’

ABC News by Arlette Saenz: Border Security No Barrier to Immigration Reform, Napolitano Says

ABC/Univision by Ted Hesson: 3 Numbers Napolitano Needs on Immigration

USA Today by Alan Gomez: First Senate immigration hearing gets testy

The Hill by Jordy Yager: Collins joins Leahy, backs recognition of same-sex partners under immigration law

Politico by Anna Palmer: Labor-Chamber immigration talks stall

CNN by Kevin Liptak: Obama warns Democrats he has immigration bill ready if Congress doesn’t act

Roll Call by Jonathan Strong: Becerra: Obama Weighing Executive Actions on Immigration

Washington Post by Peter Wallsten: Effort to change immigration law sparks internal battle within GOP

Dallas Morning News by Wayne Slater: Grover Norquist: GOP isn’t anti-immigration

Talking Points Memo by Benjy Sarlin: The Key Players Shaping An Immigration Deal In The House

Huffington Post by Sam Stein: Nancy Pelosi Backs Different Strategies On Immigration Reform, Gun Policy

Talking Points Memo by Benjy Sarlin: Rubio Says WH Needs To Accept Border ‘Trigger’ On Immigration

CNN: CNN Fact Check By Ann Colwell and Tom Watkins: Illegal border crossings at lowest levels in 40 years

Washington Post by Pamela Constable: Group prays on Capitol Hill in support of immigration reform

Arizona Republic (Editorial): Immigration reform barriers crumbling

Politico (Opinion) By Frank Cannon and Jeffrey Bell: The anti-immigration cabal

NBC Latino (Opinion) By Stephen Nuño: Rubio showed the GOP is serious about immigration and Latino outreach

Texas Tribune By Julian Aguilar: House Resolution to Test Support for Immigration Reform

Think Progress by Igor Volsky: Watch Jose Antonio Vargas’ Emotional Call For Immigration Reform

Colorlines by Jose Rivas: Jose Antonio Vargas at Senate Immigration Hearing: We’re Not ‘Alien People From Mars’

DailyKos diary by raatz: Sen. Hirono: “Don’t forget about the human element of immigration.”


As promised above, Rep. Lamar Smith proffers political wisdom to his fellow Republicans on the issue of immigration reform. Of course, Smith is a big supporter of self-deportation and that strategy has led the GOP’s demise with Latino voters in 2012:

Politico by Rep. Lamar Smith: 5 reasons GOP should avoid immigration trap

And, an analysis:

Think Progress by Igor Volsky:  Republican Rep Says GOP Should Oppose Immigration Reform Because It Would Give Democrats ‘Millions Of Votes’