The Washington Post reports that Jared Kushner’s “new assignment” is overseeing the construction of Trump’s promised border wall. The jokes almost write themselves. According to the Post, “Officials closely involved with the border wall project said Kushner has become increasingly involved in the details related to acquiring needed properties... Continue »
In a must-read column, Maribel Hastings from America’s Voice en Español hones in on the stark contrast between the loyalty and allegiance to the U.S. embodied by the immigrant patriots who testified in the Impeachment Hearings, and the Republican committee members who show not an ounce of respect for... Continue »
One of the most common attacks that anti-immigrant people wield against immigrants, naturalized citizens or not, is that they do not adapt to this country and are not sufficiently “loyal” to this nation because they maintain their customs or their language. But if immigrants have demonstrated anything throughout history,... Continue »
America’s Voice Jared Kushner’s New Assignment At The Border Should Create An Interesting Confrontation With Texas Landowners Whose Land He’s Seizing ICYMI: “When immigrants are more loyal than their president” When immigrants are more loyal than their president English BuzzFeed Trump Wants To Start Deporting Asylum-Seekers To Honduras By... Continue »
Wolf at the Door: Acting DHS Chief Claims “Success” When Result is Failure At the El Paso border last week, Trump’s acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf called the administration’s border and asylum policies successful and asserted they have made “progress in solving the humanitarian crisis.” He claims it is... Continue »
A new, deeply-researched article by Rachel Morris in HuffPost’s longform Highline makes the troubling case that despite President Trump’s failure to construct the actual promised border wall, anti-immigrant obsessives and restrictionists within the Trump administration have nonetheless managed to build an “invisible wall” to keep out immigrants: In the... Continue »
Una de las más comunes críticas que los antiinmigrantes esgrimen contra los inmigrantes, naturalizados o no, es que no se adaptan a este país y no son lo suficientemente “leales” a esta nación porque mantienen sus costumbres o su idioma. Pero si algo han demostrado los inmigrantes a lo... Continue »
America’s Voice Deliberate Cruelty: The Consequences and Chaos of Trump’s Remain in Mexico and Asylum Policies Must-Read from HuffPost Highline on Trump’s “Invisible Wall” to Keep Out Immigrants Cuando la lealtad de los inmigrantes supera a la de su presidente English HuffPost Trump Got His Wall, After All By... Continue »
On Thursday, the bicameral Refugee Protection Act (RPA) was introduced by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA). At a time when America’s commitment to being a safe-haven for refugees and asylum-seekers is in serious doubt, this legislation provides a map to how we reestablish and improve... Continue »
Key witnesses for Trump’s impeachment hearings are a true testament that the U.S. through and through is a nation built by, strengthened by and protected by immigrants, despite Trump’s xenophobic attempts to turn America’s back on them. Former National Security Council official Fiona Hill, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, and... Continue »