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Jared Kushner’s New Assignment At The Border Should Create An Interesting Confrontation With Texas Landowners Whose Land He’s Seizing

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The Washington Post reports that Jared Kushner’s “new assignment” is overseeing the construction of Trump’s promised border wall. The jokes almost write themselves.

According to the Post, “Officials closely involved with the border wall project said Kushner has become increasingly involved in the details related to acquiring needed properties and pushing government attorneys to gain control of the parcels as quickly as possible, acting on Trump’s directive to ‘take the land.’” This corresponds with last week’s CNN’s report that the Trump administration is sending “Right of Entry” letters to landowners along the border – the first step in the process of taking land from private owners to build the wall.

As Post reporters Nick Miroff and Josh Dawsey note in an understated manner, “The wall adds to Kushner’s growing portfolio of responsibilities, which some of his critics have said border on comical. Since the start of the Trump presidency, Kushner has been entrusted with striking a Middle East peace deal, taking a lead role on trade policy, overseeing criminal justice reform and modernizing the government, with mixed results.” 

According to Mario Carillo, Director of America’s Voice’s Texas office in Austin:

Since Jared is clearly itching to be right in the action and aiming to play a central role in the ‘take the land’ scheme, we humbly offer the following invitation: that the Manhattan boy prince travel to Texas in his plush velvet loafers and monogrammed, pressed shirt to make the case to landowners — in person — for why he plans to seize their private property. Lest you doubt his skills, his track record in shaping the amazing Middle East peace deal shows that he’s clearly up to the challenge. So slip on your Brooks Brothers gear and head to Texas, Jared. I’m sure the landowners will love to chat with you in the respectful, calm tone that border ranchers, cowboys and property owners are known for down here.