Ante el anuncio del gobierno de Trump de que se agregará al Censo 2020 la pregunta sobre la ciudadanía de los participantes del conteo decenal, inmigrantes y sus aliados reaccionaron contundentemente al señalar que la pregunta deprimirá la participación de millones, minando la responsabilidad constitucional del Censo de contabilizar a todos los residentes de Estados Unidos, independientemente… Continue »

A cliff is coming, and the next Congress better be ready to clean up the mess created by Trump and his DHS. Yesterday, the Trump Administration announced it would terminate Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for Liberians, a move that will, over time, subject thousands of Liberian immigrants to deportation. DED allows recipients to obtain a work… Continue »

Damaging Consequences for OH & MI Children, Families, Society Analyses of government data from both the Detroit Free Press and Cleveland Plain Dealer show that the Detroit Field Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement–the agency that makes deportation decisions affecting Michigan and Ohio families–is one of the most aggressive in the nation. Despite public relations pleas to the contrary,… Continue »

In response to the Trump Administration’s announcement that a citizenship question will be added to the Census, immigrants and their allies have responded forcefully. They argue that asking about citizenship status will drive down participation and undermine the constitutional aim of the Census to count all residents in the United States. Of course, this potential undercounting is… Continue »

Yesterday, the Trump Administration announced it would end Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for Liberians, jeopardizing the futures of thousands of Liberian immigrants and families, who are integral members of our communities across the country. Many immigrants have voiced their fears in wake of this decision. Relevant excerpts from media reports follow: USA Today: Trump ends deportation… Continue »

Frank Sharry: “If it involves suppressing the vote, dehumanizing immigrants and violating the Constitution, Kris Kobach can’t be far behind” Yesterday, the Kansas City Star reported that none other than Kris Kobach is taking credit for the addition of a “citizenship question” to the census: Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach encouraged President Donald Trump to add… Continue »

“I continue to be deeply disturbed by the random choices that this administration makes in removing TPS and other protected statuses. Last night’s decision to remove DED status is particularly outrageous. Cessation of conflict does not mean that families will be safe.  We have no right to send people away from our shores for no… Continue »

La intensa campaña para participar en el Censo del año 2000 incluía un bombardeo de mensajes por todos los medios posibles. Quienes nos agregábamos a la fuerza laboral de este país como inmigrantes en aquel entonces no estábamos seguros de si debíamos responder al cuestionario cuando lo tuviésemos en nuestras manos, pues muchos de nosotros… Continue »

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America’s Voice ¿Quién está detrás de la pregunta sobre ciudadanía en el Censo? Kris Kobach, ¿quién más? Texas Immigration Advocates Launch TogetherJuntos Caravan Along Border Inmigrantes y aliados opinan sobre las consecuencias devastadoras de suprimir la participación en el Censo Frank Sharry: With Termination of Liberian DED, Trump Continues to Feed the Mass Deportation Beast… Continue »

On a press call this evening, a Liberian DED holder living in Minnesota, policy experts, and advocates reacted to the Trump Administration’s decision today to end Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) and forcibly deport thousands of legal Liberian immigrants. Caroline Grimes, DED holder from Minnesota, said: I came to the United States 17 years ago with… Continue »