In the burgeoning legislative debate over immigration reform, leaders of the DREAMer movement of young aspiring Americans drew an important line in the sand this weekend.  At a conference convened by United We Dream, one of the leading organizations created of, by, and for DREAMers, the organization’s members made it clear that they are fighting… Continue »

Yesterday, United We DREAM hosted a call reiterating what just about everyone has been saying since Mitt Romney lost the presidency to Obama: the Latino vote matters, and the anti-immigrant agenda has failed.  Unless Republicans want to remain uncompetitive for generations to come, they must moderate their positions on Latino and immigrant issues. As Lorella… Continue »

History was made last night at the Democratic National Convention when Benita Veliz–the first DREAMer ever to speak at a convention–took the podium to tell her story. You can watch the video of her remarks here: And the transcript: My name is Benita Veliz, and I’m from San Antonio, Texas. Like so many Americans of… Continue »

Right after I heard the Obama Administration’s deferred action guidelines, I went to the FAQ section on the USCIS website and searched for the word “travel.” As happy as I am about the fact that I will now be able to work and contribute to this country, I was most looking forward to learning about… Continue »

WASHINGTON, DC – Ya comenzó el proceso para que los Soñadores soliciten la acción diferida que les concederá una protección temporal de la deportación y un permiso de trabajo. La idea es que la mayor cantidad de jóvenes elegibles se beneficien de la protección y no sean víctimas de mala información, de personas inescrupulosas o… Continue »

Today was the launch of United We DREAM’s (UWD) national “We Own the DREAM/¡Unete Al Sueño!” campaign. UWD, along with national allies, held a press conference at the American Immigration Lawyers Association to discuss the new guidelines for deferred action and to assist eligible aspiring citizens with the application process. The campaign will join the resources… Continue »

Cross-Posted at Sojourners:  As many as 1.4 million undocumented immigrant youth— aka “DREAMers” — would qualify for temporary work permits and be shielded from deportation once President Obama’s DREAMer relief goes into effect August 15. I am one of these DREAMers. I came to this country from Peru when I was five years old. While I miss my homeland,… Continue »

President Obama’s June announcement (that DREAM Act-eligible youth would be spared from deportation and granted work permits) was widely applauded as a move that would finally grant relief to young immigrants and allow them to move toward legal status.  But a shady, cynical cadre of fraudulent lawyers and notarios has already sprung up, prepared to… Continue »

Today, United We Dream (UWD), the largest network of immigrant-youth led organizations in the country, announced its campaign to educate 500,000 DREAMers on Obama’s relief policy. They spoke about their plan to educate their communities about the process, the guidelines and documents needed; as well as warned the community of potential notario and other types… Continue »

The Guardian Highlights the Personal Stories of Those Affected by President Obama’s DREAMer Protection Announcement Washington, DC – While much of the reaction to President Obama’s June DREAMer protection announcement has focused on political implications and related public opinion, a new story and online feature in The Guardian (UK) focuses coverage on the most important aspect… Continue »